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Season Three: Inner Mastery

In this season, we are turning our attention to inner mastery. We are going to make the case that your highest leverage point for creating growth and change for yourself and in the world is through mastering your inner world.

Inner mastery means that you are free from habitual reactions that end up keeping you stuck and cycling around the same dilemmas at work and in life, so you are more present to assess what comes to meet you with new wisdom and clarity.

This becomes especially important when you want to live a life of purpose and meaning as a leader, change-maker or visionary. How you show up as a leader is going to be amplified across your organization or community — both your shadow and your light.  Others depend upon you taking responsibility for your faults and weaknesses, and for the quality and clarity of the pictures and concepts you carry. You need to become good at skills such as clear and specific communication, 100% responsibility for your projections, inspiring high performance, and creative capacity for strategy and problem solving.

One way we describe this is “what you believe appears around you.” And this is also why we say that the highest leverage point you have as someone wanting to make change, is through mastery of your own inner life.

We want to see you achieve the freedom that mastery brings so you can respond to the demands of a meaningful and purposeful life with inner agency, outer discipline, and real capacity.

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Is Radical Acceptance Really A Good Idea?

Radical acceptance is a term that seems to be growing in popularity. Is radical acceptance really a good idea? Where should we apply this idea? And where might it cause more problems? When one is striving for inner mastery, won’t radical acceptance keep us short of our highest potential?

The Magenta team look at radical acceptance in three different contexts: of reality, of the circumstances of our lives, and of the parts of ourselves that are not easy to like or accept. Within each of these contexts, we offer our thoughts on when and how radical acceptance can help us get further toward our goal of inner mastery, when it can help us heal.

We share some stories about weaknesses that we struggle with and where radical acceptance can fit into the healing of those. Such as difficulty finding our voice when we are leading a team or a project, and facing our own inner fears and doubts. Do we just accept our fear as our fate and stay small? Or do we go to battle with fear? And can we even win a battle against part of our own self? If so, how?

Lastly, we dive into a juicy personal story of jealousy. This story illustrates how the shame and embarrassment we may feel about the weak or unlikable parts of ourselves can make radical acceptance even more difficult. We discuss the difficult line of having compassion for our shadow while not letting it hijack us.


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Meditation revealed: both the fruits, and the huge dangers that no one is talking about!

Magenta dives into the topic of meditation and sheds light on what can actually happen within your inner life through certain practices of meditation. We also explore the dangers of popular styles of meditation that can have serious consequences for one’s mental health, spiritual development, and for our ailing world.

Meditation, as Magenta teaches it, is all about consciousness and working with the very practical realms of the soul: thinking, feeling, and willing. We get into the practice of concentration, which can seem on the surface boring and prosaic, but within concentration lies the opportunity for rich discovery and development. Not just for the sake of focusing better or being more productive in life, but for aims much higher and more purposeful.

We discuss several popular meditation techniques and why within some of them lie real danger, particularly with neuroscience brain-wave techniques. We also explore manifesting meditations and techniques, how they actually can work but why we caution against them.

Lastly we discuss the limitations of meditations that use breathing or breathwork as well as guided meditations.


How to take on your personal development with intense efficiency

How can you approach your personal development work with intense efficiency? And why would someone want to take a more rigorous approach to their healing and capacity building?

In this latest episode, we’ll talk about why we need to shift our mindsets from self-help junkies to young Jedis. Because if you want to level up and reach your full potential, this is going to require a degree of effort and work that you might not be accustomed to. We get into some good reasons why you should consider it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the confusion, searching, and failed attempts at solving and healing your issues was made more efficient and effective? And imagine if you were able to develop capacities and abilities that you don’t yet possess, but need in order to bring your visions and ambitions to reality. This is what a path toward mastery is for: to become capable and strong.

We dive into some tenets of rigorous practice. How can we sustain a consistent training of our inner life? What are the dangers of shortcuts and “magic pills”? And finally, where should one begin?

If you want to make significant changes to yourself and the stakes are too high to stay small, this is for you.


Why the path to your destiny is a spiritual journey

Are you longing for more purpose? If you want to make more meaningful contributions to the world, and connect more deeply to your purpose, this episode is for you. Louisa and Rachel kick off Season Three by answering the question, “Why is spiritual development essential for connecting to our purpose?”

It is understandable why we look to our outer circumstances as the place to make changes in our lives and in the world. But our inner world actually shapes our outer world. At every scale.

We explore the phenomena of inner world shaping outer world and what the implications are for us as human beings wanting to help heal our world in crisis. And why is healing our soul an essential step on our journey to fulfilling our destiny?

Moral integrity enters into the conversation in a big way. Through developing a solid moral compass, we find inner freedom from our compulsions and hidden motives, and we can learn to dialogue with the spiritual realities wanting to guide and help us, IF we know how to ask the right questions. We discuss these and other issues around moral development.

And lastly we address the doubting questions so many people carry: is my destiny even practical? Does the world value what I have to offer? What about the economy? What about the political machine that is stacked against me?







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