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Magenta FM looks at relationships of all stripes to find answers that are deep and wise, rather than popular, convenient, or conventional.

We draw from obscure sources, secret western esoteric knowledge, and our own experiences in the trenches of people problem-solving to bring you ideas out of left field that will challenge your assumptions, and enrich your thinking about the nature of creating the spaces between us.

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This week: Episode 5

Why Relationships Fail: It's all about NEEDS

In this episode, we talk about needs versus strategies, and why conflating these two things can destroy relationships. We introduce Non-Violent Communication as a starting point for understanding the definition of needs and strategies as a new language with which we need to become conversant — and how helpful and healing this can be.

We tell some stories of the consequences of NOT knowing about needs and strategies, such as top reasons for divorce, infidelity, why making demands is so common — and so destructive, neediness, complaining, and how to meet all the needs of a busy household. We spend some time talking about needs that are forbidden — the ones we're not allowed to have.

We cover off the alternative to making demands — making a request, and finally talk about what elevates the social realm to an art form: freedom.

Book we mention: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships, by Marshall Rosenberg.

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