Season Three: Inner Mastery

Episode Six: The inner game of leadership: what is coming toward you is actually coming from you

S3 E6

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This week Magenta dives into the inner game of leadership. Another way to talk about this is the oft-used term: mindset. What IS mindset, and how can we better understand it, work with it, and transform it? And how could our inner world of mindset actually shape our outer world? We break it down with some real-life examples.

“What  you think appears around you” and “what is coming to you is actually coming from you” are two challenging assertions that we have found to be true in our own lives and work. We’ll get into why this is and how we can use this phenomenon to our advantage.

How can we help shape and influence the mindset of those we are leading? We offer some “left field ideas” to inspire a more creative approach to getting teams and groups on board with your vision.


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