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 training + study + community + spiritual striving

Magenta brings an ancient path of work and prayer to our modern challenges.

We teach practical capacities needed for healthy relationships, generative culture, and wiser leadership along with inner work, study, meditation exercises, and prayer to heal ourselves and the world at the deepest levels.




Emancipate yourself

Take back your power —

  • By emancipating yourself from the doubts, fears, and feelings of inadequacy that prevent you from stepping into a bigger life purpose.
  • In relationships by learning how to outgrow corrosive dynamics and elevate your presence of mind.
  • For your mental health, your spirituality, and your connection to all that really matters to you.

Learn to walk in grace and trust instead of doubt and fear.

elevate your service

Truly, the world has never needed more for us to grow our capacities for elevated dialogue, teamwork, leadership, loving relationships, and deeper trust.

Grow new abilities to heal, serve, and do the hard but amazing work of co-creating a better world.

The world is a magical place full of spiritual profundity. You can reconnect to that magic by getting out from under reductionist and materialistic worldviews, wounding, and shadow binding.

You can rise to a higher level more focused on love, goodness, truth, and beauty imbued with moral integrity and spiritual light.

SPIRITUAL striving

Learn how to connect to the true sources of healing and redemption, that give life meaning and purpose.

But, more than that, fight for what really matters with the weapons of choice of the spiritual warrior: love, empathy, strength, courageous leadership, and wise intuition.

We bring practical tools and methods for developing the capacities you need to go on a journey of self-healing and world-healing.

Joan of Arc

enter the place of work and prayer

We tap into unconventional and little-known techniques derived from phenomenology and thousands of years of western esoteric spiritual insight and practice.

Like the monastic training methods of old, we hold space for your deepening into profound mysteries of shadow and light that lie behind inner work, relationship dynamics, leadership, and a life of contribution.

We offer practices, tools, methods, and systems to help you become a force for transformation in our time.



elevated presence


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In this masterclass, learn how to grow your presence. A more elevated presence means that you are not tossed about by reactions, emotions, or fears. You are free from the habits that up until now have hindered you and kept you small and stressed.

Shape your relationships, your work, and your life merely through the quality of your presence.

Short video course + PDFs + community.


magenta fm

Season One: The Art of Relationships

Rachel and Louisa dive deep into topics relating to the people problems that we get embroiled in and how we can transcend them, even redeem them. Take back your power, grow into a leader for your community, and navigate the conflicts and relationship challenges in your life.

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The secret solution to relationship problems in life, love or work


In this webinar we will show you an unconventional and surprising approach to getting into flow with the relationships that matter.

Relationship issues like conflict, disappointment, or even bad luck are just symptoms, not causes of the struggles you are facing. Learn why this is happening and what you can do about it.

We will dive into practical tools that will get you started on working through these issues immediately. And of course, we will have time for Q&A so bring your questions, challenges, and journal!

If you sign up but cannot attend in person, you will be sent a video recording. But we do hope to see you there!

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