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Cultivating and managing the daily conversations and interactions of every kind of relationship in your life is invisible labor you are already doing. What if you could elevate that labor to an art form?

Instead of conflict, you could have growth. Instead of resentment, good boundaries. Instead of toxic leadership, co-creative and trusting teams.

This is a calling: this is the art of changing the world, one relationship at a time.

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The art of it demands that you become a finely honed instrument.

This means becoming masterful in both the inner and outer realms of the social life.

You can get to know the nature of your inner life, both the dark and the light — so you can heal, grow, and become strong.

This foundation will ground you in the invisible social realm where elevated capacities for dialogue, leadership, and co-creation can be developed to a far greater degree.

Magenta offers a practical path for training you in both the inner and outer parts of this new social art.


Every calling in life involves people — and the potential for people problems. And, moreover, such problems can be ruinous for your health, happiness, and work.

Now imagine people problems spread across the globe, undermining teams, environmental efforts, creating conflict and distress between societies, geographic regions and countries.

Truly, the world has never needed more for us to grow our capacities for elevated dialogue, teamwork, leadership, loving relationships, and deeper trust.

In short, to sculpt the spaces between us with skill and grace.

We call this Social Creativity. It is a new art form, a new calling.

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elevated presence


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In this masterclass, learn how to be present and generative in every interaction, in every moment, no matter how unexpected or difficult or how high the stakes are.

Shape the interactions you have merely through the quality of your presence.

Short video course + PDFs + live webinar + community.



forbidden needs

The Number one reason for suffering in relationships and how to stop it

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Relationship dynamics destroy teams, friendships, marriages, careers. Why?

Because we don't know WHAT we need, and we don't know how to ASK for what we need. All kinds of trouble arise from there.

In this free download, learn why connecting to your needs is like putting the oxygen mask on, and gently practice speaking your truth.

Get the guidebook + step by step journaling exercise now.



magenta fm

Season One: The Art of Relationships

Rachel and Louisa dive deep into topics relating to the people problems that we get embroiled in and how we can transcend them, even redeem them. Take back your power, grow into a leader for your community, and navigate the conflicts and relationship challenges in your life.

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