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How To Do Soul Work

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Are you facing challenges in your life that seem impossible to overcome? Then this challenge will help you to:

» Identify the areas of your life where you are feeling stuck, in pain, and frustrated.

» Explore the root causes of these entanglements (our word for the stucknesses, resentments, pains, and frustrations we find ourselves in).

» Learn the foundational steps of how to do the RIGHT kind of soul work that leads to freedom and agency in your life.

Sacred Wound

There is an opportunity in even our most challenging life experiences: What once hurt you and kept you stuck can actually be turned into a source of strength.

This is the terrain of soul alchemy: you can learn how to transmute the wound you carry into a gift.

You can find the hidden jewels in even your most challenging experiences, and reframe the story of your past so you discover a new one, that tells instead of the gifts you’ve forged.

This 5-day email course will help you discover and value those gifts.

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Forbidden Needs

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The Number One reason for suffering in relationships and how to stop it

Relationship dynamics destroy teams, friendships, marriages, careers. Why? Because we don't know WHAT we need, and we don't know how to ASK for what we need. All kinds of trouble arise from there.

In this free download, learn why connecting to your needs is like putting the oxygen mask on, and gently practice speaking your truth.

Get the guidebook + step by step journaling exercise now.

The Power of Reverence

A New Foundation for Meditation. E-Book + Resource Cards

Here’s a strange truth: reverence is the foundation for a healthy unfolding of inner development. Most people have come across reverence in the context of organized religion, but probably not in the particular context of healing and inner development. And most people don’t think of reverence as a doorway into rigorous meditation.

But reverence calibrates your soul in the right way. If you begin a daily meditation practice with reverence you’ll find your practice both more effective and more sustainable.

Get the downloadable guidebook + resource cards now.

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