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Hi there,

We are coaches Louisa Barnum and Rachel Hazlett-Karr.


We’ve worked through difficult experiences to bring our true purpose to life, creating our own self-healing medicine in the process.

We couldn’t have done it without some of the most profound teachers of spiritual and personal development wisdom available today — Steiner and his body of work called Anthroposophy, and Steiner’s students: Dennis Klocek, Georg Kuhlewind, Valentin Tomberg, and others.

And now we want to bring that medicine to you.

Read about our specific coaching expertises below, and feel free to schedule a one on one, totally free to you, exploratory coaching session with one of us today.

What coaching with us looks like

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We require a 3 month minimum coaching commitment. It takes time for our tools and methods to work, and time for you to grow the new soul muscles and build the necessary stamina for true and lasting transformation.

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You bring your top challenges, issues, and aspirations to your first coaching session, and from these we help you establish your goals for our work together. The goals help us keep on track and focused on the right methods for you.

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You will periodically fill out our custom measurement tool. While coaching can sometimes be cathartic, the day to day aspects of inner growth and transformation are more incremental. This tool helps us qualitatively gauge your progress as we go.

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We work together in a weekly rhythm to build your inner muscles for the work of transformation and building new capabilities. This looks like two main activities: healing the shadow and strengthening the light. Magenta’s unique and powerful toolkit weaves between these two activities. This essential groundwork is the secret to achieving your goals.

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Everything we do in each session is focused on not only achieving your healing and inner growth goals, but also on looking beyond what you thought was possible.

Meet the Magenta team

Louisa Barnum

Louisa is a coach and teacher with more than 15 years experience helping people heal from mental health challenges and develop leadership capacities.

Her academic background is as a professional classical musician. She trained and performed in New Zealand and Europe as both violinist and singer. Her music career was abruptly ended by a catastrophic injury, after which she moved to the United States to study consciousness and phenomenology for a year full time with Dennis Klocek at the Rudolf Steiner College. She then trained as a coach with the International Coach Academy while focusing specifically on helping people who struggled with mental health challenges such as trauma and PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

She is a long time meditant and esoteric student and has been studying little-known western spiritual paths, philosophy, and consciousness for over 30 years. This, as well as the unique challenges of mastering an artistic discipline, informs her unusual and deep approach to healing work. She brings compassionate and disciplined methods to step by step growth, healing, and capacity building.

Since 2013 she has worked on large-scale social change projects around the world as a consultant and coach doing capacity building work with teams and their leaders. She still consults occasionally with senior management teams internationally, and works with a globally based research team on developing cultural and social renewal work in business contexts inspired by Rudolf Steiner's indications about a threefolding society.

Since 2019 she has been designing curriculum and running online and in person workshops, a membership program, and courses. Louisa designs the curriculum and content for Magenta.

Louisa specializes in helping experienced people struggling with wounds from the past manifesting in current challenges with an action-oriented approach to personal transformation and self-healing. Her clients are usually already knowledgeable about inner development and have previously invested in forms of therapy and capacity building, and are looking for a more sophisticated and profound approach.

She works with leaders and high achievers who know they have a purpose to help the world but are struggling to bring it to life in a free and elevated way. They are after the growth and mastery they need to succeed at their goals.


Schedule a free exploratory coaching call with Louisa:

The coaching relationship is powerful and intimate, and it’s important you feel I’m the right person to help you.

Find a convenient time on my booking calendar for a no obligation, totally free session with me.

Rachel Hazlett-Karr


Schedule a free exploratory coaching call with Rachel

The coaching relationship is powerful and intimate, and it’s important you feel I’m the right person to help you.

Find a convenient time on my booking calendar for a no obligation, totally free session with me.

Hello, I’m Rachel. I help moms and women who are struggling with relationship challenges discover the fulfillment they long for.

I have a pretty unusual, maybe even shocking, story of healing and overcoming trauma and adversity. I am now a healthy and wholehearted mother and wife, as well as a powerful business leader.

In my early life, I faced a great deal of adversity. As a child I lost a parent and our family struggled with economic hardship. As a teenager, I was sexual assaulted and suffered the horrific experience of being a rape victim in the media, in the court system, and in a small town. I dropped out of high school, moved out of state at 17 years old, and began attending community college with a mission to become a journalist and speak truth to the injustices of the world, and tried to move on from the horrific events of my teen years. There was a power within me that I had to forge while fighting some of life’s ugliest monsters and walking away alive. This was my strength. And that could have been the end of my story; the redemption of victim into brave warrior for justice. It is a good and powerful story.

But the full truth was that my life frayed around the edges. My fear of telling my story or being vulnerable prevented me from any kind of deep or romantic relationship. I coped (with the help of dissociation and drugs/alcohol), but I didn’t thrive.

Then my life took another turn when I unexpectedly became a young single mother.  My new mission was to raise a healthy child. And to raise my son differently than what I had grown up with. My coping strategies didn’t align with my new mission. It was a checkmate.

This is when the real redemption story began. The slow and painstaking disarming of a righteous warrior so that she could be present and tender with her precious child. I began a serious journey of inner work and spiritual practice. Through this first-person transformation and deep study of consciousness, Zen, and western esoteric streams of wisdom and mysteries, I have learned a great deal about the nature of the human being, and about healing. And I am still learning, every day, how to become freer, more empowered, and ultimately, more loving.

I am happily married with three children. Marriage has been another great teacher where I continue to discover areas in myself that need healing (which, if I’m not mindful I can convincingly blame my husband for). In marriage and family life, I get to practice communicating with respect and living in integrity, even when the demands and pressure are at a boiling point.

Along the way I have become a powerful leader and successful business owner. I’ve led large teams of people, created thriving company culture, and navigated the challenges, uncertainty and complexity of bringing something new into the world. I continue to run several businesses while also working as a coach and co-teacher at Magenta, using my experience of profound healing to help others.

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