Season Three: Inner Mastery

Episode Four: Is Radical Acceptance Really A Good Idea???

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Radical acceptance is a term that seems to be growing in popularity. Is radical acceptance really a good idea? Where should we apply this idea? And where might it cause more problems? When one is striving for inner mastery, won’t radical acceptance keep us short of our highest potential?

The Magenta team look at radical acceptance in three different contexts: of reality, of the circumstances of our lives, and of the parts of ourselves that are not easy to like or accept. Within each of these contexts, we offer our our thoughts on when and how radical acceptance can help us get further toward our goal of inner mastery, when it can help us heal.

We share some stories about weaknesses that we struggle with and where radical acceptance can fit into the healing of those. Such as difficulty finding our voice when we are leading a team or a project, and facing our own inner fears and doubts. Do we just accept our fear as our fate and stay small? Or do we go to battle with the fear? And can we even win a battle against part of our own self? If so, how?

Lastly, we dive into a juicy personal story of jealousy. This story illustrates how the shame and embarrassment we may feel about the weak or unlikable parts of ourselves can make radical acceptance even more difficult. We discuss the difficult line of having compassion for our shadow while not letting it hijack us.


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