Season Three: Inner Mastery

Episode Two: How To Take On Your Personal Development with Intense Efficiency

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How can you approach your personal development work with intense efficiency? And why would someone want to take a more rigorous approach to their healing and capacity building?

In this latest episode, we’ll talk about why we need to shift our mindsets from self-help junkies to young Jedis. Because if you want to level up and reach your full potential, this is going to require a degree of effort and work that you might not be accustomed to. We get into some good reasons why you should consider it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the confusion, searching, and failed attempts at solving and healing your issues was made more efficient and effective? And imagine if you were able to develop capacities and abilities that you don’t yet possess, but need in order to bring your visions and ambitions to reality. This is what a path toward mastery is for: to become capable and strong.

We dive into some tenets of rigorous practice. How can we sustain a consistent training of our inner life? What are the dangers of shortcuts and “magic pills”? And finally, where should one begin?

If you want to make significant changes to yourself and the stakes are too high to stay small, this is for you.


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