Coaching with Magenta

helps you become:

fit for service

a lighthouse 

connected to purpose 

master of flow 


transformed from the past




spiritually focused


a community leader

a change agent


We are Louisa & Rachel, co-founders of Magenta.

We help you become fit for a life of purpose by healing your past and systematically developing your potential. 

We’ve cracked the code on how healing, transformation, and mastery are developed.

Similar to a gym or a Dojo, we work with you one on one as a personal trainer for growing inner strength, resiliency, and spiritual fitness to empower you to accomplish your life’s work. 


Do you struggle with these kinds of issues?


You want to find healthier and more effective ways to face and overcome the challenges life brings.

You face doubt and fear on a daily basis about your ability to do your life's work.

You are looking for deeper and more effective methods to help you achieve your goals but haven't been able to find them.

You are already somewhat experienced with personal development. But you need a more advanced approach.

And do you want more of these?

Be free from limiting beliefs and forge new relationships with the world that gets you in flow with your life.

Understand what is going on within you in ways that give you real answers.

Have a more sophisticated, spiritually informed, grounded, and powerfully insightful approach to development.

Know what to do and exactly how to get into action so you can make real progress.

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Chances are, you’ve tried many approaches

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Approaches toward healing and getting unstuck can include therapy, counseling, drugs, herbs, courses, retreats, alternative practitioners... The list is endless.

And its not to say these approaches haven’t helped, but you now need something more. Something that can help give you the specialty tools, accountability, grounding, and hands-on support.

This is where Magenta Coaching stands out.

We are not therapists or counselors who “do the work” for you, or give you diagnoses, treat you, or “cure” you.

We are personal trainers who walk you through a tested and rigorous method toward the fulfillment of your life’s dreams and purpose.

We believe you have the potential within you for taking the reins into your own hands but that it also takes expertise, knowledge, practice, and training to heal and realize your true potential.

This is what we do best.

Want to talk about your needs and goals?

Who are we?

We are experienced coaches, leaders, and teachers. We draw from the deep wells of Rudolf Steiner and his students who brought forward a foundation of knowledge about the true nature of the human being, consciousness, and the phenomena of the inner life.

This unique body of knowledge gives us an unusual and vital foundation upon which to support our clients.

Nice things said about our work:

I discovered a core belief never seen before: my needs don't matter. The process moved me from wants to needs, which shifted me from Little Girl With Big Wanting Who Couldn't Have What She Wanted to Empowered Adult Who Knows What She Needs.

I am being introduced to what feels like fresh language and a clear way of seeing where I am and where I’m going. I am given super concrete tools to help me unearth stuck places and integrate what has been missed along the way.

Magenta’s coaching helped me heal my wounds and free myself from what was preventing me to grow more and move forward. I feel lighter, I feel even more committed than before to take myself and my dreams as a priority, while at the same time feeling more present for the people I love.


How to work with us:

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Step 1

Sign up for a free deep-dive coaching call. Get to know us and experience Magenta's unique understanding of how humans heal and grow. See for yourself if our approach is going to be a good fit for you.

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Step 2

Start your coaching work with a goal-setting session in which we listen to the issues and challenges you're struggling with and work with you to establish goals and outcomes. We’ll document and track your progress and growth over time.

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Step 3

Receive one on one coaching with Louisa or Rachel and make progress toward your most important and pressing goals. Along the way you’ll receive take-home tools and effective practices to help you strengthen and develop mastery.

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