Season Three: Inner Mastery

Episode Three, Meditation revealed: both the fruits, and the huge dangers that no one is talking about! 

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Magenta dives into the topic of meditation and sheds light on what can actually happen within your inner life through certain practices of meditation. We also explore the dangers of popular styles of meditation that can have serious consequences for one’s mental health, spiritual development, and for our ailing world.

Meditation, as Magenta teaches it, is all about consciousness and working with the very practical realms of the soul: thinking, feeling, and willing. We get into the practice of concentration, which can seem on the surface boring and prosaic, but within concentration lies the opportunity for rich discovery and development. Not just for the sake of focusing better or being more productive in life, but for aims much higher and more purposeful.

We discuss several popular meditation techniques and why within some of them lie real danger, particularly with neuroscience brain-wave techniques. We also explore manifesting meditations and techniques, how they actually can work but why we caution against them.

Lastly we discuss the limitations of meditations that use breathing or breathwork as well as guided meditations.


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