Season Three

Episode One: Why The Path To Your Destiny is a Spiritual Journey 

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Are you longing for more purpose? If you want to make more meaningful contributions to the world, and connect more deeply to your purpose, this episode is for you. Louisa and Rachel kick off Season Three by answering the question, “Why is spiritual development essential for connecting to our purpose?”

It is understandable why we look to our outer circumstances as the place to make changes in our lives and in the world. But our inner world actually shapes our outer world. At every scale.

We explore the phenomena of inner world shaping outer world and what the implications are for us as human beings wanting to help heal our world in crisis. And why is healing our soul an essential step on our journey to fulfilling our destiny?

Moral integrity enters into the conversation in a big way. Through developing a solid moral compass, we find inner freedom from our compulsions and hidden motives, and we can learn to dialogue with the spiritual realities wanting to guide and help us, IF we know how to ask the right questions. We discuss these and other issues around moral development.

And lastly we address the doubting questions so many people carry: is my destiny even practical? Does the world value what I have to offer? What about the economy? What about the political machine that is stacked against me?


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