Season Three: Inner Mastery

Episode Five: The Unexpected Secret To Good Boundaries

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Magenta FM returns from a hiatus to take on the important topic of boundaries. As always, we have a unique take on the topic. We focus less on what one should say or how to assert yourself. Instead, we go upstream and discuss energetic boundaries and how creating strong internal energetic boundaries can eliminate most, if not all, boundary violations..

We give lots of examples of places where you could have issues with boundaries that you may not recognize, including resentment, conflict avoidance, guilt, codependency, and doubt.

We’re going to talk about the energetics of setting boundaries where you focus on the right foundations for boundary setting so it's already in place. Another way to describe this is nipping bad boundary setting or violations in the bud, before they have a chance to even happen.

We get to the heart of the issue — and the unexpected secret — when it comes to boundaries and that is: self-esteem. Strong self-esteem means strong personal boundaries. Ones that you don’t have to enforce in an aggressive way, but are clear and firm to yourself and to the world.

We offer practical steps to strengthen your self-esteem in surprising and achievable ways!


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