The central issue of mental health — part one

What lies at the heart of inner development when you really boil it down?

Most people believe that if you can just find the right answers to your dilemmas from the best books, the right search terms, the perfect retreat, then you can finally break free from what’s been holding you back and keeping you stuck.

But this isn’t how it works.

Answers won’t ultimately set you free. It’s really about practice.

Inner development is exactly like getting into a fitness program. You have to train before you’ll get fit, healthy and strong — and stay that way.

We’re wrapping up our latest podcast season called the Art of Mental Health with a two part finale where we get to the heart of the matter.

We discuss what the practice terrain for inner development is, and why what we call the “finished world creations” of our minds is THE essence of mental health.

The finished worlds we create within is where we form our associations and beliefs that set in and become fixed and finalized in us, and deeply habitual. Couple that with a certain style of feelings that arise in us and take over, and you’ve got yourself a finished world that is self-perpetuating, very addictive, and can be difficult to heal.

Therefore, when it comes to our finished worlds, answers are not going to be enough.

We lay it out in part one of a two part series which you can watch right here.

Next episode will be part 2 of this finale and then we’ll say farewell to mental health so we can begin season three, which we are really excited about. We’ll reveal what it’s going to be about next time!


Louisa and Rachel

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