Season Two: The Art of Mental Health

Episode Ten: The Central Issue of Mental Health, Part Two: Rethinking Consciousness

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In this season finale, the Art of Mental Health Part Two, we bring some concepts and ideas that open up whole new vistas for us in preparation for our third season: The Art of Spiritual Development. There is a common assumption that the brain is the source of consciousness, and consequently our interventions are typically about fixing the brain – either through “rewiring” or drugs or other brain-based interventions.

Instead, we’d like to propose that consciousness does not come from the brain, but that the brain is the instrument, the mirror, of consciousness. Why does this matter? Because if we detach the source of consciousness from the brain, we are forced to consider the nature of our consciousness as something other than a product of chemistry, chance, or biology.

This is very empowering actually, because then we are not slaves to our biology as we might previously have believed.

This discussion sets us up to introduce an important idea that is also a controversial topic: we need to include the light of our superconsciousness in order to heal our subconsciousness — the realm of our “finished worlds” and of the shadow — and if we don’t, mental health issues will continue to rise. Moreover, the world will fall into more and more social, political, and environmental chaos.

We introduce a new anatomy of consciousness that can help us better understand the nature of healing, and also help us design better interventions, methods, and tools for healing our inner worlds.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast and youtube show represents the opinions of Rachel and Louisa. The content here should not be taken as medical advice. The content here is for informational purposes only, and because each person is so unique, please consult your healthcare professionals for any medical advice.


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