How to manage stress to improve your health

We recently sat down with Dr Daciana Iancu, a medical doctor and co-founder of The Foundation for Health Creation, a community project dedicated to expanding the scope of public health.

Be sure to tune in to this provoking and important conversation on stress, healing, and the root cause of disease. We dialogued around the question of: what is stress? And shared and learned insights on how to heal.

Dr. Daci is an experienced physician who uses a comprehensive natural approach. She is double board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and certified in Anthroposophic Medicine.

The Magenta team shared our perspective on how we approach managing the “finished world” — the combination of habitual thoughts and beliefs and their accompanying painful feelings — that contributes to the stress in us.

We hope our discussion resonates with you and provides valuable insights into managing your stress – and that you better understand the impact of stress on your overall health.


Louisa and Rachel

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