Pay better attention to your feelings

We are always feeling but seldom do we actually pay attention to what’s happening in our feeling life. This week, we outline a path for developing our feeling life from what is normal to something truly healthy.

Drawing from the work of Georg Kühlewind, we outline two categories of feelings: cognitive feelings and non-cognitive feelings. We describe why we get disconnected from the world, and why non-cognitive feelings are normal, but we need to learn how to elevate out of habitual ways of feeling.

We’ll explain cultivating feelings that are actually generative, serve our intuition, and have us in a connected dialogue with the world around us, including those whom we love and/or are in conflict with.

We talk about the role that feelings play in making art, and also in the kind of art that Joseph Beuys described as “the social sculpture” where each person is seen as an artist, contributing to the creation of the social organism which we all inhabit together.

What role do feelings play in issues of injustice and activism? When do they get in the way of the greater good and what options do we have besides suppression or explosion?

Check out our podcast episode all about this, and more!

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