Solve your tough relationship issues

Have you been in this situation: someone got offended because you didn’t do the right thing, or you said the wrong thing, and even though you would NEVER have intentionally hurt them, still they are offended?

And now you don’t know what to do?

OR, maybe it was you who felt offended and hurt by a recent conflict, and you struggle to get your needs met, or feel heard?

Either way, relationships, of any kind, are frustrating — even devastating.

We all have our landmines — places of vulnerability that we protect — and it’s inevitable that our tripwire is going to get pulled especially by someone who is particularly close or important to us.

That landmine, however, is not all bad. Its a stake in the ground saying, “dig here. You need to excavate something.”

Would you like a safe way to do that?

We’re holding a live webinar next week, and we talk about what’s really going on when you struggle with difficult dynamics in a relationship that really matters to you — whether thats in love, at work, or in the family.

We’re not going to give you a formula for what to say or how to say it; we’re going to help you learn how to grow out of getting embroiled in the first place.

And at least you’ll learn how to not take it personally 🙂

Want to join?

You can sign up here to get the replay right now.

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