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Unlock Relationship Entanglements

Reclaim your agency and create the relationships that you long for

In-Person Retreat | March 9, 2024 | 10AM - 4PM

Held in Occidental, California


Lunch and drinks provided. Vegan and gluten free options available.

Are you frustrated with relationships in your life?

Do you wish you had more skills for dealing with relationship challenges in love, work, or family?

Do you get mentally consumed by frustrating situations, and want to learn how to take your spirit back?

You CAN transform the relationship dynamics in your life!

Magenta has created a powerful process for working with the challenging circumstances and people in your life. We will help you get to the heart of the matter--which is not what you think it is!

You will be supported through the day-long retreat with:

  • live coaching
  • one on one dialogue
  • a workbook to unpack your personal relationship challenges or limitations
  • a group of peers who are also committed to taking back their power!

We want to serve people who are up to do the work, to rise above their compulsive tendencies, and to grow the courage to use their voice, and the inner space to be able to listen.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • see your relationship challenge with new perspective
  • have written scripts for a new way to address the issues in your life
  • feel a newfound sense of agency

Discover the causes - and solutions - to your relationship challenges

Join us for a full day retreat all about relationships - love, business, friendships or family - where you will uncover the real reason why relationships struggle, and how to heal them.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to excavate and reframe the stories that are disempowering you about what is happening and why
  • Discover a new understanding of your relationships that will better serve and support you toward finding healthier strategies and clearer communication.
  • Wisely diagnose what is happening without blame or finger pointing, and that leave you freer and more empowered.
  • Learn how to work on your relationships in ways that can positively shift the dynamic without requiring the participation of the other

Make progress fast by discovering the fundamental drivers of conflict

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We’ll do a deep dive into what lies at the heart of conflict: our all-important needs. Needs drive so many of our feelings, conclusions and behaviors, and while they are important we very often will suppress or ignore them, to our peril.

We will explore why we use strategies in relationships that disconnect us, and how to replace them with healthier approaches that will help us finally succeed.

You’ll learn how cracking the code on needs and strategies will liberate you from many difficulties in your relationships of all kinds.

Spend the day with an intimate group of 15 people

Following a carefully designed agenda for the day, we will journal, discuss, share, and work with Magenta’s methodical approach to diagnosing and developing healthier and more empowering ways to engage in our most important relationships.

The methods and tools we share have been battle tested around the world with private clients and inside our membership program, The Monastery.

Be prepared to take your power back in situations which up until now you’ve felt disempowered and stuck. The secret to this will surprise you, even as it will set you free.

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What you'll get during the day together:


We’ll be using writing as an important excavating tool. We provide a specially designed workbook for your use.

Practical Tools

You will come away with practical approaches and tools that you learn and then practice in the workshop.

Safe Space

We are experienced in gently but clearly facilitating and holding space for you to share, learn, and grow.

Quiet Nature

The retreat will be held in the beautiful hills of Occidental, a tiny town hidden away in nature at a small, intimate retreat center.

Nourishing Lunch

We will provide an organic vegan lunch with gluten free options. We will also have tea and coffee for your convenience.

Carefully Designed Agenda

We will support your learning and growth with love, AND we bring intense and deep content that cuts to the chase. Be prepared to do the work.

What others are saying

I am being introduced to what feels like fresh language and a clear way of seeing where I am and where I’m going. I am given super concrete tools to help me unearth stuck places and integrate what has been missed along the way.

The exercises and methodology for me are grounded, pragmatic and soul supportive. I feel I can create a joyous accountability for myself, and am honored to hold space for others on their journeys. This path of inner work makes clear and total sense to me.

I discovered a core belief never seen before: my needs don't matter. The process moved me from wants to needs, which shifted me from Little Girl With Big Wanting Who Couldn't Have What She Wanted to Empowered Adult Who Knows What She Needs.

The Workshop Leaders

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Louisa Barnum has served as a coach for 15 years. She has coached with leaders around the world and has also consulted on large-scale social change projects from Zimbabwe to Brazil.

She draws from her unique understanding of consciousness and soul-healing to help people work through mental health challenges, relationship issues, and connecting to their purpose. She founded Magenta as a school to share and teach these methods and practical spiritual tools.

She has been happily married for over 20 years and is mother to two young adults.

Rachel Hazlett-Karr is a leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience leading large organizations and executive teams. Throughout her career, she has prioritized people and culture and aimed to change the status quo of business-as-usual.

Rachel has overcome immense trauma and adversity to become a healthy and wholehearted mother and wife.

Through her work of transforming and redeeming her wounds, along with her deep study of consciousness, Zen, and western esoteric streams of wisdom and mysteries, she has learned a great deal about healing and the nature of the human being.

Escape to the perfect space for reflection and growth

Our workshops are held in a private retreat space near Occidental, California. This tranquil space includes a salt-water hot tub, a natural swim pond, an infrared sauna, and private hiking trails.

Enjoy a quiet walk or a warm dip in the hot tub during the scheduled breaks in our day or for up to an hour after the retreat has finished.

Less than a mile up the road sits a rare grove of old growth redwood trees with trails for an easy stroll or longer hike.

Need to make progress AND some nourishment? Combine relationship healing with spa time.

Only 15 spots available.

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