Season Two: The Art of Mental Health

Episode One: Four places to intervene in mental health that are often ignored

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In this first episode of Season Two: The Art of Mental Health, we describe in detail what a holistic human being REALLY is. We discuss why this matters and what society excludes in most, if not all, discussions about mental health.

We get into the 4 main aspects of the holistic human being, and that we are so much more than just a physical body. We also talk about how each domain influences and effects the others, and why in our healing interventions we must include an understanding of each domain, otherwise our interventions will likely be insufficient.

We also talk about where most of the drama of life takes place, the terrain of the “soul”, and how that impacts everything else, including our physical health. We continue to discuss from yet another angle, the reality and necessity of the higher “I” or self as our own best healer in issues of mental health. This episode is a further build on discussions about the anatomy of the human being that we began in season one.

Show notes:
Dr. Gabor Mate, expert in addiction, trauma, ADHD, stress, and child development

Dr. Zach Bush on the mental health and gut microbiome interconnection and how toxins, including herbicides and pesticides, play a significant role

Dr. Kelly Brogan, psychiatrist on the problems with psychiatric drugs 

NIH paper on the ketogenic diet for treatment of schizophrenia

NIH paper on earthing


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