Season One, Episode Seven:

Own your voice: why we struggle with speaking our truth and what we can do about it

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In this episode we get into a bigger definition of voice, where we tell Louisa's story of her struggle to find her voice, all the way down to her physical vocal cords, and what that looked like in daily life and relationship.

We talk about why it's so important to free your voice from shadow, and how it impacts the rest of your life if you don't. We go into the three main areas where we are held back from the full expression of our voice — and the consequences of not being able to speak our truth, or use our voice to its fullest potential.

We also touch on what accessing our voice can do for us, and how it helps us find our way to our life purpose because of the medicine we forge for others via the work we do to emancipate our voice from the shadow's grip.


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