Season One, Episode Ten:

Four Reasons Why We Stay In Dead End Relationships

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This is our last episode of Season 1: The Art of Relationships. So if you have any lingering questions about how to have the kinds of relationships you long for, now is the time to tune in. And if you are wondering how to know if your relationship is a dead-end, this is the episode for you.

First of all, we answer the question of what makes a relationship suck. Or, to put it more positively, what you can learn to get in touch with so that you can navigate all of your relationships with clarity of mind and heart.

Then we dive into the deep roots of unhealthy relationships and tips and warnings for excavating there.

And lastly, we look at how YOU need to look at your own culpability in the dynamic. Ouch, we know. But ultimately it will set you free.

We hope you enjoy this final episode of the season! (We're excited about season 2 coming up very soon so stay tuned)

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