Season One, Episode One:

Everything you thought about relationship problems is wrong. The counter-intuitive truth.

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In this first episode of Magenta FM Season One, "The Art of Relationships," Louisa and Rachel dive into the difficult but liberating concept that we have more to do with relationship dynamics than we want to admit.

We believe our inner life is hermetically sealed from the world, like we can hide from the world our inner condition. But the opposite is true: the world is a mirror of our inner condition, especially in relationships. The sooner we get this the sooner we can actually change things.

This is a challenging concept: we have more to do with the relationship dynamic we’re in than we are comfortable admitting. To own up to this appears to mean we will lose our power and control in the situation, BUT — as counter-intuitive as this is — in fact we “take back our power” when we do.

We dive into this topic and explain why this is the case, and what you need to know to "take back your power".


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