How To Do Soul Work

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Are you facing challenges in your life that seem impossible to overcome?


Like frustration, resentments, or repeating cycles?

We have a saying at Magenta, “what is coming TO you is actually coming FROM you.”

This is the secret to overcoming your limitations. Because there you can discover that the transformation of your struggles and circumstances into positive outcomes is all an inside job.

Through learning how to do soul work and practicing regularly, you will find greater freedom and the power to change your circumstances.

And then the world will start showing up for you in entirely new ways!

This challenge will help you to:

Identify the areas of your life where you are feeling stuck, in pain, and frustrated.

Explore the root causes of these entanglements (our word for the stuckness, resentments, pains, and frustrations we find ourselves in).

Learn the foundational steps of how to do the RIGHT kind of soul work that leads to freedom and agency in your life.

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About Magenta

Hi there, we are Louisa Barnum and Rachel Hazlett-Karr, founders of Magenta 🙂

We help leaders and change-makers master their inner life and work with the invisible realms of relationships and culture.

Magenta is like a Dojo: the place where you train. The inner shifts needed for development and growth don’t happen from accumulating more and more knowledge and information, nor from finding answers.

They happen from regular practice.

We bring a deep understanding of HOW to grow new inner capacities, and what it takes to go from beginner to mastery. We teach you about the anatomy of the soul so you can learn which “muscles,” which inner skills and abilities to grow, and which practices will do so.

Our methods are transparent, rigorous, safe, and steeped in thousands of years of esoteric spiritual wisdom.

Here's how it works:

Each day for five days you will receive a journaling prompt that will guide you through the soul work. Each daily prompt builds on the previous day — and by the fifth day, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and your situation.

And, you will also know what the next step is toward overcoming those obstacles.

If you complete the challenge we want to know so we can reward you for a job well done. And so we will have a gift for you. You’ll see.

Sign up now and you can get started on How To Do Soul Work right away.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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