Attune to your inner life and why it matters

“You just don’t understand!” What parent of a teenager or pre-teen has NOT heard those words?

To be honest, the kid may have a point.

Many people struggle to understand their own internal reality of feelings, needs, and thoughts, let alone their dysregulated teenager.

This kind of understanding can also be called attunement. Because it requires tuning in to the hidden messages coming from within.

In an ideal world, attunement to our inner reality is modeled to us in childhood by caretakers who can feel into what we are needing and experiencing. But many people grow up with the kind of childhood where they are loved, but not so much seen or understood – in other words, attuned to.

Thankfully, attunement is a skill we can learn at any stage in life.  You can learn to attune to your own inner feelings, thoughts, and behaviors just as a highly attuned parent would: with clarity, compassion, love, and non-judgment.

You can see and understand yourself, and thereby become attuned to your own needs.

We go into this in our latest episode of Magenta FM, out now!

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