How we heal: the archetypal stages on the path of healing

Have you ever thought about needing a navigational tool to traverse the ocean of soul healing and overcoming challenges and dilemmas?

Imagine that you’re going on a sailing adventure and you’ve got your plan in the form of a well-drawn map. You set sail, and out in the middle of the ocean you take out the map to see what’s next in the plan, only to find its gone completely empty. The conditions you’re in are so different now that your map isn’t relevant anymore.

What do you do?

You have to learn to read the waves and ocean currents, and navigate using the stars. You essentially have to build new capacities that you didn’t have before.

In this latest podcast episode we explain four archetypal stages of healing we go through when we put the work in to heal and overcome all that keeps us stuck, cycling, disempowered, and in pain.

If we understand what those archetypal phases are, then we have a navigational tool to help us not only know where we are in our journey, but also get a sense for what healing actually entails.

We’ve got to have some kind of ability to read the terrain, or read the stars, on our path of healing — otherwise we run the risk of blindly stumbling around in the dark.

Or, heading off toward the wrong shore.

In this episode, we spend a good amount of time on each of the four stages, and slow down with stories, examples, and resources for you to follow up with.

Click on the image below to have a listen or watch us in action:

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