The dark is too dark, and the light too bright


There are two reasons why you have to have a strong and cultivated light within you when you do inner work:

The big one is that when you start peering into the darkness of your inner world, wounds and issues harboring there will emerge because wounds always seek healing. And the truth of what lives there is going to be shocking and hard to face.

This is because taking responsibility for our suffering, our trials, and beginning to see how we blame others or the world for our wounds and being a victim of circumstance — all that sort of stuff is very painful to face. We can’t do it if we aren’t strong enough in ourselves.

And the second reason is while the shadow can be too dark, the light can be too bright. It’s possible for the liberating and love-filled experience of the light of our true nature to also be too much for us to bear, because it’s really hard to receive and accept this in a state of unworthiness, pain, shame, or self-hatred.

And that is at the heart of the issue: your higher self, that part of you that is able to shine the light of consciousness into your subconscious with searingly objective truth and unconditional love, enables your eventual liberation from what has kept you bound and stuck.

By seeing the truth we mean: what is the story, the mental picture, and the entirety of your beliefs you harbor, unbeknownst to you, around your wound or issue?

And while the truth is painful to admit, it is also beautiful because it is redemptive. Freeing.

If you can face the truth with courage, allowing it to be fully present without losing yourself in conditions of blame or shame, you will find the True Name of what has up until now kept you bound and repeating a pattern in your life.

If you know its True Name it no longer has power over you. Liberated.

And so we can come back to redemption.

Thus we can experience the positive feedback loop of truth and redemption building on each other.

Now isn’t that a beautiful picture?

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