Since 1996, we have supported hundreds of leaders on many different types of projects in over twenty countries.
We have gradually developed an approach that amounts to a holistic science of change. Over the years, we have led and supported many dozens of projects while also pursuing rigorous creative and personal transformation disciplines, the fruit of which are sound methodologies that also support the "inner" dimensions of thought, feeling, and will.
Today, Magenta Studios continues to pioneer cutting edge approaches to societal and personal transformation, and is among the most qualified firms in our field.
Child Protection Lab in Melbourne, 2009
Child Protection Lab in Melbourne, 2009
Social Sculpture, Castle Borl, 1996-98
Social Sculpture, Castle Borl, 1996-98
Social Lab, Chicago, 2016
Social Lab, Chicago, 2016
Youth & Justice, New York, 2015
Youth & Justice, New York, 2015
This dymaxion map shows some of our project locations and themes.  

Jeff is someone I have been learning from since the first moment we met nearly twenty years ago. Over the years whenever I have wanted to either understand or deepen my practice, I turn to Jeff. From Jeff I don't get cheap, easy or trite answers. I get fundamental insights that go to the heart of my enquiry. Jeff is a master practitioner in the mould of an old master. He knows his craft from long, patient and dedicated attention over decades. Jeff is an antidote to the waves of shallow fashion that sweep the world when it confronts something new. If you want to understand how best to respond to the challenges we face as individuals, as a society and as a species, I would urge you to work with Jeff.

Zaid Hassan - CEO of Roller Strategies, author


Magenta are artists and social entrepreneurs with a brilliant practical and theoretical understanding of how individuals and teams can bring into being new artistic and social realities.

Adam Kahane - Director at Reos Partners North America, author


We hired Magenta to help us more fully engage our workforce, leaders, and other stakeholders in our ongoing service to the greater Vancouver region. They helped us devise efficient, powerful ways of innovating, learning, and creating across our organization. We’re deploying them in all our work, big and small — with wonderful results.

Tanya Sather - Executive Co-Director, Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion


Through my work with Magenta I was able to explore my own aspiration and abilities, and how that did or did not line up with my work. I also learned several practices with which I am beginning to come out of the cerebral and into the lived experience of my challenge. I return often to the work we did together to help re-situate myself, and always find new layers of insight. 

Erin Harrington - Executive Director, The Salmon Project


We partnered with Magenta to co-lead our development program for senior executives in one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. The Magenta team played a highly significant role in curriculum development and overall leadership of the program. Both our client and we as Reos were enormously pleased with the quality of Magenta’s contribution to the project. Magenta understands both the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts for successful inner leadership development.  Highly recommended.

Robbie Macpherson - Director at Adaptable Leadership & Partner at Reos Partners Australia


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