Season Two: The Art of Mental Health

Episode Eight: Why We All Are Addicted And What We Can Do About It

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In this episode we get into an important subject in our work in Magenta: addiction. However we don’t talk about the much more common types of chemical addictions and substance abuse, nor do we get into other types of addiction such as to porn, adrenaline, shopping, and other examples of non-chemical-based addictions. Instead, we talk about a little known phenomenon of the soul where we become addicted to the ways we see things, the conclusions we draw, and the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world that come from a wounded place.

Not in ALL things are we addicted; we mean something like having a hair trigger toward rage, or easily succumbing to depressive-style emotions, or tending to get easily offended. These are deeply entrenched habits where we would rather fight to the death than let them go. We usually have strategies that are firmly in place to act out on these addictions, such as flying off the handle around certain triggers, or dissociating when confronted with something that triggers our shame, or protective mechanisms we use for avoidance, defense, or to cope.

Soul addiction is central to Magenta’s lexicon, and we think it needs to be brought into more awareness because it has a big implications on the path of healing and emancipation from soul wounds.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast and youtube show represents the opinions of Rachel and Louisa. The content here should not be taken as medical advice. The content here is for informational purposes only, and because each person is so unique, please consult your healthcare professionals for any medical advice.


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