Welcome to Module Three. Have you ever experienced stress or suffered a setback due to poor communication? Join the club. We've seen great projects and even whole companies rupture because people don't know when and how to communicate. This module shows you how to use the tools we've used to save projects, teams, and companies on the brink of disaster. You'll learn the fundamental principles of NVC, a “taxonomy” of communication that can help you resolve and prevent conflict with dignity and understanding, and how to practice and use NVC in your life and work.

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The TeamWiser Slide Deck

The TeamWiser Slide Deck has key diagrams, teaching points, exercise summaries, and overviews to help you share TeamWiser with your team. The slides are designed to be shown or printed — whatever works best for you and your team.

The Slide Deck contains four resources from Module Three: an introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a slide on the Empathy Guess, the NVC exercise, and lists of words you can use as you practice the core techniques.

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