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How to Transform Shattering Experiences into Alchemical Gold

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Your Wound is actually Your Gift

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Most people believe that life’s shattering experiences are a burden, like a ball and chain, a weakness, or a hole in your life. And that you can never reach your full potential because of what happened to you.

But this simply isn’t true.

There is an opportunity in even our most challenging life experiences. What once hurt you and kept you stuck can actually be turned into a source of strength.

This is the terrain of soul alchemy: you can learn how to transmute the wound you carry into a gift.

You can find the hidden jewels in even your most challenging experiences, and reframe the story of your past so you discover a new one, that tells instead of the gifts you’ve forged.

This course will help you discover and value those gifts.

Five days, Five prompts

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive your first exercise plus detailed instructions. And every day after that for a total of five days, you'll receive via email each day's exercise.

Work on the exercise in your journal and then sleep on it. Allow new insights to come in the night, before you begin the next prompt.

Complete the whole process! It's not just information that will set you free, it's doing the work of practice, every day.

And it's free.

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"I think the course is wonderful. You give so many good pointers for discovery--the language is beautiful. Thank you for this course. It stirred up a lot and I will stay with the Day 5 invitation."

Get to the heart of the matter

This course is going to take you deep. It’s not for the faint of heart. This is going to be a powerful process.

This is how we in Magenta do things. We don’t mess around and we get to the heart of the matter. If you like that, you’ll get a lot out of this course.

If you sign up right now, you'll get instant access to the first exercise. All you need is a little time each day, and a journal.

You ready? Let's dive in.

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Meet Magenta FM

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We are Louisa Barnum and Rachel Hazlett-Karr, the founders of Magenta.fm, a school for personal development that teaches rigorous capacity-building practices for growth and impact.

We designed this course to help you face and transform some tough stuff — this is what we love to help people do.

We are a podcasting duo, teachers and course creators, and spiritual warriors. We're excited to share what we did to turn our life shattering experiences into gifts and strengths with you.

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Heal the Shadow, Strengthen the Light