Welcome to Module Four. Leadership presence is often describe as a combination of attributes such as warmth, focus, openness, sincerity, and self-confidence. It has something to do with the soul, the presence of the person within the skin — the inner being. This module focuses on the cultivation of presence with inner work — the transformation of inner habits and the strengthening of attentiveness, presence, and creativity — with exercises that are as simple and rigorous as they are profound.

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Module Four's central exercise (The Habit Loop) does a deep dive into the mental, emotional, and habits that interfere with a clear and strong leadership presence. The work of building leadership presence, however, requires that we focus both on changing our "shadow" as well as strengthening our "light" — our sources of attention, presence of mind, and creativity. The best practice for strengthening these potentials is, hands down, meditation. Concentration builds the capacity for meditation, while meditation is a vital key to developing leadership presence (and, in our view, mental health in general!). Check out our concentration and meditation exercises below. They are clear and straightforward, written to satisfy even the most rigorous minds. We've used these for decades and teach them around the world, so we know they're powerful, safe, and effective.

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The TeamWiser Slide Deck

The TeamWiser Slide Deck has key diagrams, teaching points, exercise summaries, and overviews to help you share TeamWiser with your team. The slides are designed to be shown or printed — whatever works best for you and your team.

The Slide Deck includes the Habit Loop exercise from Module Four and the Clear Water exercise from Module One. The latter is an excellent and quick concentration or meditation exercise as an option alongside the resources above

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