Welcome to Module Two. Meetings can be frustrating and dispiriting; that’s for sure. But properly done, meetings can be where your team connects, moves forward, and generally feels how great it is to be a part of your team. This module will help you and your team learn and practice the art of convening, designing, and running meetings that rock. You'll learn: how to balance organization and structure with momentum and flow, key roles that every meeting needs, the Awesome Meeting Protocol — step by step instructions for running awesome meetings, and how to work through any issue or topic area with maximum productivity, inclusion, buy-in, and creativity.

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The TeamWiser Slide Deck

The TeamWiser Slide Deck has key diagrams, teaching points, exercise summaries, and overviews to help you share TeamWiser with your team. The slides are designed to be shown or printed — whatever works best for you and your team.

The Slide Deck contains five resources from Module Two: the Structure and Flow diagram, the Creativity Arc, Meeting Roles, an overview of the Awesome Meeting Protocol, and an overview of how to best work through each agenda topic.

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