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Explore the “inner game” of leadership and teamwork that optimizes team culture and effectiveness.

Experience tools, practices, and disciplines that enhance your strength, agency, resilience, and insight as you navigate uncertainty in your innovative and creative work. 

Learn how to address the root causes of today’s challenges and tap the source of creative agency needed to bring new solutions to life.

Understand what it means to create healthy and functional community and society at all scales, from the interpersonal to the regional and national.




If you ask a group of accomplished leaders to band together with diverse others, stretch their comfort zones, and bring to life entirely new social realities in the context of human suffering going back decades or even centuries, you’re asking them to transcend ordinary leadership.

To lead purpose-driven projects from ambitious beginnings to outstanding outcomes requires a very particular kind of skill set — the very skills, in fact, least recognized in our times: inner work and creativity.

Complex challenges require leaders to engage with factors that are messy, painful, scary, emergent, unpredictable, unplannable, and by nature out of control. They ask us to engage in open-ended, creative processes that can directly engage the root causes of repeating and destructive patterns and bring to life, at large scales, new social realities.

What does this mean, in practice?

What is needed for leaders, organizations, and alliances to rise to the occasion?

With immersive practice, dialogue, and a maker’s approach, the WorldMaker retreat will take you on a journey of discovering how to transform the roots of stuck challenges and strengthen the source of human creativity at all scales.  



We invite you to WorldMaker, a three day, in-person, intensive retreat. We’re going to explore with hands-on exercises and dialogue what it truly means to transform dysfunction and create new realities — first in ourselves and then in teams, projects, and society at large. You’ll come away with some profound tools not only for personal leadership development but also for teamwork and project design and realization.

We’ll also look in particular at the specific challenge of creating “healthy” society. Because while we all know what we don’t want, we don’t often know what we do want. What does healthy society look like? How can we bring it to life? We will explore the shape of more functional spheres of culture, rights and justice, and economy at scale.     

That’s WorldMaker, the first course of its kind. Join us for three days of intense discovery, inner development, and creative work, and take your leadership toolkit to the next level.


This retreat is designed to be a journey into the “subjective” side of human nature that is wreaking objective havoc in the world. We will venture into the driving forces behind societal dysfunction and environmental destruction. Seeing these forces at work in ourselves, we will experientially contrast them with their antidote — the innately human potential to create new society at all scales, from interpersonal relationship to organizational culture to large-scale social systems.

Our premise is that today’s leaders must increasingly master these aspects of human nature in order to renew institutions and regenerate natural and social systems. We do not seek utopia; we do, however, seek effective agency — real ways to discover real solutions.


In the days before you arrive, you will receive some simple and optional journaling exercises that will help you prepare for the space, richness, and atmosphere of the retreat.


To begin, we will take an “outside-in” approach into the heart of the matter, from manifestations of societal challenges to their root causes in paradigms, mindsets, beliefs, and traumas. We’ll then inquire into the nature of our agency as leaders, the inherent possibilities that we may have to address these challenges — and prepare for the next few days into this journey.


In simple terms, this day is all about what is in you that blocks your free creative leadership and agency. We will use a simple but helpful taxonomy of the inner life that can help guide inner work.

We will explore the phenomena of “light and dark” in ourselves, going into our own “shadows” — the parts of ourselves that do not leave us free, that bind us to the past, that stem from “fragmented” and typically unconscious parts of ourselves. With gentle tools and exercises, we will explore where we might be held back by habits, beliefs, and other obstacles.

At the same time, we will see that because we can observe these aspects of ourselves, we are not wholly determined by them. This “free” part of ourselves can be strengthened and developed — the work of the next day.


What is the nature of this possibility, this creative potential? We will explore this question in many ways today: through concentration and contemplative exercises, observation of nature and immersing ourselves in different modes of attention and play. The purposes of such exercises is to observe where we are not bound to our wounds, compulsions, and patterns, and that we may access a great deal of free creative potential.

In many traditions, this faculty is called “the higher self,” or the “I.” We will explore the phenomena and experience of this possibility in every human being, and build the basics of personal practices that strengthen this faculty.

In contrast to the “transformation of the shadow” on which we focused yesterday, today we are focused on “strengthening the light:” discovering the source of your potential, strength, and agency, and how to access it regularly and consistently.

With the source of creativity in view, we will then explore creativity competency and its application of creativity in your leadership challenges. We will share the conceptual framework of creativity competency and explore it practically, grounding the key concepts and tools in your life and work with journaling, discussion, exercises, and solo work.


Today we will explore and distill our journey into practical implications for leadership and social change. We will focus on applications at different scales — in teams and organizations, in projects — and look in particular at the specific challenge of creating “healthy” society. For we all know what we don’t want — but what exactly do we want? What does healthy society look like? We will explore this question in order to understand what is needed to model and bring to life more functional culture, justice, and economy at scale.


I have known Jeff and Louisa for more than twenty years.  They are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise.

Miha Pogacnik - Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia and Concert Violinist


We hired Magenta to help us more fully engage our workforce, leaders, and other stakeholders in our ongoing service to the greater Vancouver region. They helped us devise efficient, powerful ways of innovating, learning, and creating across our organization. We’re deploying them in all our work, big and small — with wonderful results.

Tanya Sather - Executive Co-Director, Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion


We partnered with Magenta to co-lead our development program for senior executives in one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. The Magenta team played a highly significant role in curriculum development and overall leadership of the program. Both our client and we as Reos were enormously pleased with the quality of Magenta’s contribution to the project. Magenta understands both the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts for successful inner leadership development.  Highly recommended.

Robbie Macpherson - Director at Adaptable Leadership & Partner at Reos Partners Australia


Magenta provided a sensitive, personal and supportive approach to enhancing our strengths while inspiring us to go beyond our expectations. Their accessible methods equipped us with tools for implementing beyond their program.

Shalini Agrawal - Director at Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts


I worked with Magenta over a number of months both as part of a senior leadership group exploring our personal leadership and also with one on one coaching. My experience was transformative. I was challenged to think extremely differently about the world, myself, others and my business. On a personal level I resolved many issues that had been holding me back. I have used the tools that I was given with my team subsequently and have received similarly amazing feedback from them.

Julian Clarke - Executive Director, Human Resources, Global Enterprise & Services and International & New Business, Telstra


I was part of a team serving a complex scenario building process. We had excellent collective calls with Magenta and also individual coaching sessions. I found those individual sessions to be extremely useful, helping me to connect to my source, improve my communications and co-working practices, and align my attention with my intention. Every minute of each conversation was so full of meaning!

Anaí Linares - Consultant at Reos Partners North America


Jeff portrait 2017 - square


Jeff has more than twenty years of experience in supporting multi-stakeholder, multi-sector collaborative endeavors focused on positive change, and regularly advises and supports multi-stakeholder initiatives around the globe. His work in Magenta focuses on Social Sculpture, a participative methodology mobilizing many people to co-create healthier society together. A practicing multi-media artist, Jeff advises artists, business leaders, and multi-stakeholder alliances how to utilize creativity in their work. In 2007, Jeff co-founded Reos Partners and was a partner in the North American office until 2014.



Louisa co-leads the training arm of Magenta as a communication and inner work expert. An executive coach, she focuses on the challenges of inner development, trauma, and mental illness in leadership contexts. Her work is informed by studies of anthroposophy, consciousness, and meditation, and emphasizes practices of building inner capacities for self-mastery and leadership presence. Louisa also consults with companies on their culture development programs, bringing an approach that includes Non-Violent Communication techniques, creativity training, and culture regeneration. She trained as a classical violinist and singer and continues to study music.



Mille leads the Reos Partners office in Geneva, Switzerland. She has served large-scale multi-stakeholder projects for systems change for 15 years, addressing challenges including HIV/AIDS, Children, Education, Democracy, Civil Society, Justice, Oceans Management, Health, and Sustainable Development. She has worked at community, national, regional and global levels with intergovernmental organizations, civil society, foundations, business, and government institutions. She is the author of Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change, several articles related to multi-stakeholder collaboration and systems change, and a cookbook.


Join us at Bore Place, England, UK; a gorgeous, historic property set on 500 acres of countryside and wilderness, plus certified organic gardens and dairy. The perfect venue for our WorldMaker immersive retreat, Bore Place showcases how to live and work sustainably, recognizing the interconnectedness of the environmental, social, economic and political aspects of sustainability.

Fully catered onsite during your stay, meals will be prepared seasonally and locally from the certified organic gardens, and a wide range of dietary needs can confidently be met. Join us at this serene and nature-filled venue for an unforgettable experience!

Venue: Bore Place, England
Cost: €1200, sliding scale.We don't want cost to be a barrier, so let us know if want to attend at a lesser rate. We offer a 15% discount for more than one person from the same organization or partnership. This price includes VAT but not accommodation.
Contact: Lorna Ely via email
Language: English

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