Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop

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These images are high resolution files ready for you to download and save as your desktop screen or wallpaper. They are meant for your laptop or big screen desktop. (They will be too big for your phone's lock screen). Simply click on the download button, and, depending on your set preferences, you can save the file straight into your file system.

We suggest you pick the image that has the most appropriate message or reminder for you. Let it work on you and inspire you, providing a catalyst in your life.

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After Enlightenment

wheelbarrow - desktop

This image represents what happens after enlightenment — you still have to work. But the work becomes "love made visible". The ancient alchemists understood what happens to the soul of the one who does their inner work: they took the lead of their untransformed shadow and turned it into the gold of spiritual capacity.

Be the Lighthouse

lighthouse - desktop

"Be the Lighthouse" — this is an injunction to be the one who shines the light into the dark storms instead of waiting for others to do it for you. Be the lighthouse is a reminder of who you really are.

Earth In Cosmos

earth in cosmos - desktop

This image represents what's at stake, and what the opportunity is. We are only just at the beginning of rediscovering that the earth is a living, spiritual entity, just as we are also. The work ahead of us is to come to understand this in concrete ways — the only question is whether we will wake up in time before too much damage is done.



In this image the butterfly represents metamorphosis. As it goes from the state of the caterpillar through the cocoon and emerging as a mature butterfly, this is an analog for human transformation: we must take what we've been given as a life and biography and metamorphose it into our highest potential.


bravery - desktop

This image represents keeping the inner light burning in the dark, and the courage it takes to do so. This is especially relevant when you're experiencing something like a dark night of the soul. Let this torch remind you the light comes from within, and that it's in your power to create it, thus also becoming a light in the dark for others.

Hummingbird King

the hummingbird king - desktop

The Hummingbird watches over the World Makers. The hummingbird is a messenger reminding them that they must find ways to activate and empower themselves, their voices, and their actions, so that they become forces for good. They become the social sculptors and culture creators, the healers and do-ers the world needs.

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