The Sun Wins Through — Eventually!



This is a video showing a series of artworks by Jeff that is really one painting going through its metamorphosis from unfinished to finished. You can see a bunch of pictures are layered over; anyone of them might have worked as a finished piece. But Jeff was going for a particular expression and was not satisfied until he got there. Creativity is a hunt, and we want to give you a taste for that process in watching this painting unfold.

This artwork is about the sun as a real force and a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Just as the physical sun brings life to the earth each spring, the “spiritual sun” penetrates every darkness in time. It may seem an age, but eventually, it “wins through.” Begun in 2009 and finished, many years later, in 2018. This painting went through many other stages. At one point, about half of the paint was peeled away from the canvas, at which point the main theme was redrawn and the process began again.

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