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Co-creating the Social Sculpture

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The Mage Drawings 2 - V2 - white V3 plain

The Mage (Day Version)

The Mage Drawings 2 - V2 - thicker lines

The Mage (Night Version)

About the Art

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Both images are created by Jeff Barnum, co-founder of Magenta Studios. These images represent his take on what it takes to be the kind of leader our world really needs.

The "red noise" on the left represents the toxic world we've inherited: chaos and dysfunction at many points and at all scales, driven at its root level by limited ideas and half truths.

The Mage (in the center) is the person who can transform those root causes — first within themselves, and then also in service to others. By doing so, they become capable of deeply understanding the sources of renewal.

On the right, the Mage helps co-create the "social sculpture," the society we all continuously create together. The three source points represent culture, rights, and economy, each a distinct domain of cultivation.

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