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Seven essentials for building holistic team culture, wise leadership, and truly creative teams




TeamWiser is a seven-week "learn-by-doing" training program that teaches the foundations of healthy team culture to team members and leaders who want a holistic, wise, and thorough understanding and toolkit for team culture building.

It's part training program and part practice studio, designed to help you learn by getting you into action.

Whether you're a seasoned leader or launching a startup, TeamWiser will help you lay a solid foundation for team building that will transform, deepen, and enrich your team culture and leadership style.

When I faced a conflict with a close colleague in a complex project that depended greatly on the two of us and the health of our relationship, we reached out to Magenta to help us. They facilitated a process through which we could understand and empathize with each other, and we managed to unblock our relationship and conclude the project successfully. 

— Mille Bojer, Reos Partners Europe

Magenta Studios are artists and social entrepreneurs with a brilliant practical and theoretical understanding of how individuals and teams can bring into being new artistic and social realities.

— Adam Kahane, Director, Reos Partners North America; author: Collaborating with the Enemy, Power and Love, Transformative Scenario Planning, Solving Tough Problems

I have known Jeff and Louisa for more than twenty years. They are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise.

— Miha Pogacnik, Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia

We partnered with Magenta to co-lead our development program for senior executives in one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. The Magenta team played a highly significant role in curriculum development and overall leadership of the program. Both our client and we as Reos were enormously pleased with the quality of Magenta’s contribution to the project. Magenta understands both the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts for successful inner leadership development. Highly recommended.

— Robbie Macpherson, Reos Partners, Australia

I worked with Magenta over a number of months both as part of a senior leadership group exploring our personal leadership and also with one on one coaching. My experience was transformative. I was challenged to think extremely differently about the world, myself, others and my business. On a personal level I resolved many issues that had been holding me back, with their guidance and wisdom all the way. I have used the tools that I was given with my team subsequently and have received similarly amazing feedback from them. I particularly like that Magenta stays in touch with alumni – making me feel cared for but also allowing me to continue my learning.

— Julian Clarke, Executive Director, Human Resources: – Global Enterprise & Services and International & New Business, Telstra

I was part of a team serving a complex scenario building process. We had excellent collective calls with Magenta and also individual coaching sessions. I found those individual sessions to be extremely useful, helping me to connect to my source, improve my communications and co-working practices, and align my attention with my intention. Every minute of each conversation was so full of meaning!

— Anai Linares, Reos Partners


TeamWiser is designed to immerse your team in seven pillars of wiser teamwork. These pillars are designed to provide you with both conceptual clarity and practical experience, and are readily adaptable to any context and team.

We designed TeamWiser for busy teams. The course includes seven modules, each with a brief conceptual framework and a practical exercise. Images and diagrams assist your learning process. There are before and after questionnaires so you can measure the course's impact. Everything is organized to support a truly transformative experience, and the course flows effortlessly between devices and, if you prefer, printouts.

If you want to create a high functioning team that cultivates authenticity, warmth, creativity, and true resilience, this course can provide strong foundations. At Magenta, we believe that creating real change requires wise practices and that wiser teams can truly change the world.



TeamWiser helps you strengthen the people side of teamwork, from vision and meeting to creativity, communication, and culture. If you need effective, efficient ways to build a solid, connected, resilient team, this course will help. TeamWiser is "wiser" because it's much more than framework, methods, and hacks. Instead, TeamWiser illuminates the practical side of authenticity, trust, creativity, and inclusion. As a result, team challenges people decrease or disappear altogether.

The course explores seven foundational disciplines that strengthen both the individual and the collective. When your team works through the modules and exercises, they will gain valuable experiences and insight that can re-boot a struggling team or help a new team build strong foundations. The exercises are deep, field-tested, and meant to be used again and again to grow your team’s capacity. With practice, the benefits of each tool become clear. Your team will become high functioning, efficient, creative, and strong.

With TeamWiser you will:

  • Transform and strengthen your relationships
  • Learn and use tools that can take you a long way, but which are simple enough to understand the first time
  • Develop the core capabilities that underlie all teamwork
  • Create a toolkit that your team can use again and again
  • Become more efficient and at the same time grow healthier team culture — without compromise
  • Learn to successfully navigate difficult topics and differences

The seven Module topics are:

  • Wiser Visioning
  • Wiser Meetings
  • Wiser Processes
  • Wiser Inner Work
  • Wiser Communication
  • Wiser Culture
  • Wiser Rhythm


If you need to fix persistent problems with your team, want to understand deeper dynamics at play, or just want to build a strong and resilient team, TeamWiser was created for you. Our ideal participants fall into these two categories:


The Seasoned Team Leader

Even if you have significant experience leading teams, you will find new perspectives and tools in this course. If your goals are to build and nurture your team's productivity, creativity, and efficiency — without compromising one or the other — then TeamWiser is for you and your team. The concepts and exercises in this course will help you evolve your leadership style, capabilities, and toolkit.


The Aspiring Team Leader

If you're starting to lead a team and wondering what is most important or even where you should begin, then TeamWiser will help set you on the right track. We take the confusion and mystery out of teamwork — and by extension leadership — by laying out for you, with teaching and on-the-ground exercises, the foundations upon which good teamwork and leadership are based.


The team at Magenta Studios has worked with thousands of leaders on many different types of projects in over twenty countries.

Over the years, we have developed an approach that amounts to a holistic art and science of change. Our methods blend rigorous creative and personal transformation disciplines with best-in-class strategic and relationship building tools — a unique combination that enables us to support change at all scales, from teamwork to organizational change to large-scale social change projects.

We founded Magenta Studios to bring our approach to a new generation of change-makers and social entrepreneurs. For years, we have served clients with bespoke training and consulting services; now, we're excited to offer courses online, sharing our knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. Visit us at to learn more.