Social Sculpture engages thousands or even millions of people in direct culture change for immediate and permanent positive change. Magenta is the first company to offer leaders a replicable social change methodology based on this revolutionary approach.
Social Sculpture began in the 1960s as performance art. The idea was to inspire and engage a whole city or region in specific acts of art and play in order to shift an entire society. Over time, artists, mayors, and other leaders have used these techniques to help communities and even nations heal from large scale trauma, end political corruption, and regenerate economies.
Today, the art of Social Sculpture is emerging as an exciting and viable methodology for permanent, positive change at the largest possible scale.
Joseph Beuys, 7000 Oaks, Kassel, 1980s
Joseph Beuys, 7000 Oaks, Kassel, 1980s
Inclusion Studio, Vancouver, 2013-17
Inclusion Studio, Vancouver, 2013-17
Edi Rama, "Painted Buildings," Tirana, 2000s
Edi Rama, "Painted Buildings," Tirana, 2000s
Magenta Studios, Concept for Sarajevo
Magenta Studios, Concept for Sarajevo



For leaders to effectively address a problem that affects an entire community or society, they can't always do it by changing laws, interest rates, money flows, or other financial or legal elements. Sometimes they also have to change culture. This is because our toughest problems are extensions of ourselves: they are the manifestation of our beliefs, mindsets, and worldview.
These deeper layers of a challenge often resist technical, policy, or financial solutions. The work of changing culture involves a different approach. Social Sculpture was developed to help address this challenge.
Every culture and every community is unique. So with each new project, we adjust methodology to serve context. This means that each new project is unique.
So while there's no blueprint for tough social challenges, we can use reliable methods to meet specific contexts. This flexibility allows us enter each effort ready to learn, adapt, and serve however best suits the context and project leadership.


Fishery restoration project, 2015
Fishery restoration project, 2015
Music in Sarajevo ruins, 1990s
Music in Sarajevo ruins, 1990s
We have worked with governments, foundations, companies, and other organizations. Here is a small sample of the clients we have served.

When I faced a conflict with a close colleague in a complex project that depended greatly on the two of us and the health of our relationship, we reached out to Louisa and Magenta to help us. Louisa facilitated a process through which we could understand and empathize with each other, and we managed to unblock our relationship and conclude the project successfully.

Mille Bojer - Director at Reos Partners Europe


I have known Jeff and Louisa for more than twenty years.  They are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise.

Miha Pogacnik - Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia, Violinist


Magenta are artists and social entrepreneurs with a brilliant practical and theoretical understanding of how individuals and teams can bring into being new artistic and social realities.

Adam Kahane - Director at Reos Partners North America, author


Jeff is someone I have been learning from since the first moment we met a decade and a half ago. Over the years whenever I have wanted to either understand or deepen my practice, I turn to Jeff. From Jeff I don't get cheap, easy or trite answers. I get fundamental insights that go to the heart of my enquiry. Jeff is a master practitioner in the mould of an old master. He knows his craft from long, patient and dedicated attention over decades. Jeff is an antidote to the waves of shallow fashion that sweep the world when it confronts something new. If you want to understand how best to respond to the challenges we face as individuals, as a society and as a species, I would urge you to work with Jeff.

Zaid Hassan - CEO of Roller Strategies, author


I worked with Magenta over a number of months both as part of a senior leadership group exploring our personal leadership and also with one on one coaching. My experience was transformative. I was challenged to think extremely differently about the world, myself, others and my business. On a personal level I resolved many issues that had been holding me back. I have used the tools that I was given with my team subsequently and have received similarly amazing feedback from them.

Julian Clarke - Executive Director, Human Resources, Global Enterprise & Services and International & New Business, Telstra


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