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"The Mage" by Jeff Barnum

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The Meaning Behind "The Mage"

We have inherited toxic systems of story, money, and power (left hand side of the image). The systems resist change and are like the mythical beast, the hydra. Their roots are in our worldviews and paradigms so every attempt to change them fails. They are rotten to the core; when you try and cut off one head two more will appear in their place.

The Mage (in the center) knows that the source of the social future is within them, and has learned what it means to be increasingly inwardly free and creative and less habitual and compelled.

And finally on the right the Mage has honed their perceptual and creative abilities in relationship with others and in the work that matters most, moving systematically from developing perception and creativity to co-creating health in relationships, teamwork, organizations, and society: the "social sculpture."

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What is Magenta Studios?

We Help Serious Changemakers Do Their Greatest Work

Magenta is a new kind of school

We're helping change agents all over the world become exponentially more effective, deeply connect to their life's mission, and actively create real solutions to tough organizational and social problems.

A schooling for your life's work

We provide a professional development training in the new art form of social change. We call it Social Sculpture.

It is also a rigorous boot-camp in personal development designed to prepare you as an extraordinary instrument for the work you do.

Join a growing global community of fellow students, meet amazing friends, find collaborators, and experience true fellowship.

Built on 25 years of global experience

With over 20 years of international peacebuilding and executive experience supporting government, non-profit, small business, and Fortune 500 leaders, teams, and their projects, we bring you our distilled and essential building blocks for what actually works for massive change in today's world.

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