Welcome to the School for the Social Future, a project of Magenta Studios. On this page, you can explore our current courses, our methodology, and some frequently asked questions.

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New to the School?



How to change the world without burning out or falling short

A short introduction course to the basiscs of Social Sculpture

New Paradigm Leadership is an introductory and short cohort-based intensive that fully explores why change work doesn't work, introduces you to what a Social Sculpture practice and method looks like, and inspires you to think very differently about yourself and the world. If you're new to the School for the Social Future, this is where you start.

This course is a two week online intensive for social innovation leaders and entrepreneurs (and anyone who is dedicated to creating positive impact). Learn the unconventional truth about actually works in social change and how you can serve others at your best, no matter your role or calling. Course duration is eight short videos with accompanying exercises.



Serious training for your life's work

An in-depth course in the art of Social Sculpture

WorldMaker is a deep immersion into a professional level training in the new art form of Social Sculpture. Learn phenomenology, creativity, inner work, social threefolding, and how massive change really happens. This is the only training of its kind anywhere in the world.

WorldMaker is our flagship and premium program. A nine module course of videos, downloads, community calls, and coaching, WorldMaker will teach you the ins and outs of becoming a Social Sculptor. If you're ready to build serious capacities for change work, this is for you.

Our Methodology — An overview

Lots of people want to do good things. Some of them get a big idea, make big plans, and plunge into action — and when reality doesn't budge, they push harder, try again, and ultimately burn out or hit a wall. Others are afraid to try, and play small and safe — never harnessing the courage to step into their life's work at all.

This is because change work is very, very hard. It will push you beyond your limits, showing you that even the best methods and frameworks alone won't help you fight complex systems that are much more powerful than you are.

frustrated leader
new reality creatives

However, we can create new realities that make the old obsolete. We can grow out of even the most powerful push-back that entrenched systems can throw at us.

We can do this with a completely revolutionary approach to social change that taps into the spiritual and creative potential that already exists in every human being.

We call this approach Social Sculpture. It is a method, but it's also capability. You have to become a capable instrument for this work.


We believe that you are your best teacher, and that you'll learn best if we show you what we've learned. Here's how we roll:



Understand reality

If you want to change reality, you have to understand it first — like a sculptor knows stone.

Ideas and feelings may seem “subjective,” but they shape not only personal life, but also culture, systems, and history.

Getting to know their objective reality is the first step of effective inner work and becoming a creative force.


mapping the higher self

Activate creative potential

To realize the potential for a new reality, however, requires an activation — like water activates a planted seed.

Step by step, you transform your habits and compulsions while strengthening your creative potential.

You learn how transformation and creation work as experience, not theory. The caterpillar self becomes the butterfly.


practice reality

Create new realities

Third, you create new realities — as an individual, with others, and in the work that matters most to you.

You learn through experience what social health actually is — in relationships, teamwork, organizations, and society.

You’re helping build the "social sculpture," the society we all create together.


What is this? How's it work?

and other FAQs

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What is the School for the Social Future?

It is a project of Magenta Studios, where students can learn how to activate their creativity and apply it to the social challenges we all face and greatly increase their success and longevity of their projects. The School is part online, part in-person, part community, and part coaching and mentoring.

What's Magenta Studios?

Magenta Studios is the legal entity behind the School. We named ourselves Magenta because it's the color Newton left out of his famous spectrum — an omission that has confused color scientists ever since. Today's challenges can be effectively addressed only by the full spectrum of human superpowers — including those outside the dominant paradigms.

Is this an online course?

Part of the school is online. We know our students are crazy busy and that travel is increasingly difficult for many reasons. There's no substitute for in-person events, however, so we also get together in person. We're currently planning in-person events in both North America and Europe.

I'm not creative. How is this relevant to me?

We very respectfully disagree with you. Actually you ARE creative; you just haven't discovered and cultivated that part of you yet. In our experience, creativity comes with being human. If you don't believe us, then you should read our e-book The Creativist here — and do the exercise in it.

What do you mean by inner development?

Inner development is the heart and soul of everything we teach. Without this piece you can't be truly creative, and you simply won't be able to develop the diagnostic insight and creative "muscles" you need for social change work. And, frankly, this is what sets us apart from pretty much everyone else out there teaching about social change. There is lots of recognition it's important, but not much clarity about its fractal nature.

Is there a community?

Yes! We are very deliberately building a community to help our students practice what they learn — a social context, for example, in which to explore the communication, teamwork, and co-creation modules. It is also where you can find friends, collaborators, and accountability partners, and learn from others and their experiences. The community is an essential and thriving part of the School!

Is this a school with a campus and classrooms?

There's no campus, but we do get together in person for workshops, events, and visits. We continue the learning either formally, as in workshops and events, or more informally, around tea, in the art studio, or with a project, such as making a compost pile or stone wall. Otherwise, you can participate in our comprehensive online training program, our private  community portal, and coaching and mentorship calls.

When did you start the School for the Social Future?

We actually began designing the school back in the 1990s, but worked as consultants and coaches for many years, field-testing everything around the world for two decades. We finally "formally" started the school in 2019.

What's your vision for the School?

From our business model to our curriculum to our events, everything in the school is a dialogue and a design process: it's co-creative. The School is a prototype of the kind of businesses and learning institutions that can meet the needs of the future. Our goal is to nurture a global and connected community of students, to do our most important work together, and to grow the School together in dialogue.

With your focus on inner development, are you therapists?

We are not therapists or medical practitioners of any kind. We draw from various schools of thought and ask questions about the nature of consciousness and creativity, always studying the phenomena and not restricted to any particular view of mental health. We do not diagnose, treat, or recommend anything — but we do provide a wealth of tools, protocols, and practices for you to use so you can build agency and empowerment on your healing and capability-building journey.

How do I participate? Can I help co-create it?

The school is being built around our students' needs, goals, projects, and input. While we are bringing a rigorous and tested curriculum based on our years of experience and expertise, we are listening very closely to our students and thereby the school is constantly improving. Your active participation in the community and your questions and needs will co-creatively grow the school.

What do you have in mind for the in-person part?

The coronavirus outbreak of early 2020 may force us to change our plans, but at the moment, we intend to hold a workshop in France and invite students on a caravan traveling through the Balkans, both this summer (of 2021). We're planning to hold in-person events in the USA and Europe, and as our student base grows, possibly elsewhere.

See inside the school and learn more in this free training video