Restoring the World’s High Risk Fisheries

We were asked to help 50in10, an ambitious, international initiative to restore fifty percent of the world’s fisheries in ten years, course correct after relationships among key stakeholders grew fragile. Between 2013 to 2016, we supported the participants and funders to progress the effort, which ultimately developed a number of tools and resources to aid efforts to restoring small-scale fisheries.

An interesting moment during the course of this work occurred when we asked participants to rearrange a venn diagram that described an overlap in business between natural resource interests. “What if these are not two circles, but instead one circle — at least within this project?”  In other words, what happens if we envision every business stakeholder completely committed to renewable fishing? 

Since then, whenever we see those two circles, we ask the same question: what happens if business acknowledges its debt to natural systems, and doesn’t allow itself to operate without this acknowledgment? Atypical? Sure. The future? Absolutely.

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