Social engineering or social sculpture?

5 key practices for leading culture change


  1. The biggest mistakes leaders make when they try to build better culture or manage issues;
  2. How you can leverage culture as a place of enormous potential — if you do it right;
  3. Why spiritual fitness has to become the new normal in all leadership development;
  4. Team practices that create right speaking — and right listening — and build co-creative flow;
  5. How you can get started with leading better culture with our simple but profound tool for diagnostics.

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June 9th, 11AM PST

Presentation + Q & A

Your host:

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Jeff Barnum is a co-founder of Magenta's School for the Social Future. He's an artist, consultant, teacher, and advocate for culture as a vast and untapped potential for answers to today's global crises.

Steeped in 200 years of thinkers, artists, and leaders with crucial insight into this moment of history and evolution, the School for the Social Future is built on the shoulders of giants.

From a revolutionary theory of knowledge to the evolution of consciousness, from inner work to nonviolent communication to social sculpture and social threefolding, the School draws from the minds and precedents of some of the most important cultural leaders in our age to train today's leaders in revolutionary methods.

Built on 25 years of global experience

With over 20 years of international peacebuilding and executive experience supporting government, non-profit, small business, and Fortune 500 leaders, teams, and their projects, we bring you our distilled and essential building blocks for what actually works for massive change in today's world.

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