Tap into the power of culture for social change.

We are a growing community of organizations and practitioners in partnership with foundations, governments, and mission-driven businesses that collaborate on Social Sculpture projects. Together we help heal and regenerate culture as the most powerful catalyst for social renewal.

We work across many issue areas, from addressing large-scale trauma to measuring and transforming culture within an organization. And we work at all scales, from medium-sized companies to regions and countries.

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Deep in the fabric of every social challenge are invisible root causes

Culture is the expression of the inner life writ large. Sense-making, perception, belief, questioning, and other mental and feeling activities occur wherever humans are, at all points and at all scales.

To activate the “cultural sphere” is, in this sense, to activate the inner lives of individuals, families, organizations, communities and society.

This is the realm of causality: war, violence, racism, social disarray, ecocide, homlessness. And while it is the place of greatest leverage, it's also the hardest place to intervene.

We need an unconventional — even radical — approach to social change, and we draw from deep sources of knowledge and experience for guidance and method.

We've learned the archetypes of what works

While every project is unique, we approach each one as a creative challenge. First, everyone involved needs to understand what's really going on. On that basis, we build capacity to intervene effectively and run a series of experiments, the results of which reveal what can work — and what can scale.

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Gathering deep insight into the health and dynamic balance in the culture and systems of the social terrain sets the stage using a proprietary and rigorous diagnostic tool. Once this is complete, then further diagnostics can be repeated as needed for evidence-based progress reporting.

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Lasting change doesn't take place only with method, technology or great ideas, but through developing specific skills and capacities needed to accomplish the extraordinary task of bringing to life new social realities. To expect otherwise is like wanting to play in the World Cup without either knowing how to play the sport nor training for it.

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Any artist or athlete practices with dedication and regularity to become extraordinarily capable. Similarly, to bring to life real and lasting social change requires preparation and training. It also requires learning on the job, in context, and immersed in what the creative medium of reality has to teach.

We draw from the lessons and secrets of creativity about real transformation

We've learned that the answers to what can work in transformative social processes lie in the careful study of creativity.

If we understand the laws and archetypes always at play when trying to create something new, we can use this knowledge as guide and navigation through the enormous complexities of social change.

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