YearCrafter Meditation Kit


Part meditation, part journaling process; YearCrafter is, in essence, a different way of powerful goal setting. YearCrafter will take you on a journey from discovering what matters most to you, connecting in the right way with your heart, and on into the activation of your will. Get it while the year is still young.

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If you want to set wise goals and see them through, we’d like you to meet YearCrafter.

Once you experience how it works, you can use it again and again — anytime you need to make meaningful change in your life.

The YearCrafter complete kit contains:

  • Theory and Practice (printable)
  • Theory and Practice audio (downloadable MP3)
  • YearCrafter complete set of three contemplative meditations (printable)
  • YearCrafter three meditations audios (downloadable MP3s)
  • YearCrafter Journal (printable)

The right set up, the right foundation. Once you understand how you’ll see why it works. Walk the gentlest of paths toward creating personal change that will matter, and will stick.

We believe that following through on making meaningful change in your life is one of the hardest things to pull off, even though such change may be critical to your well-being. We know why it is so hard, and YearCrafter is our gentle solution to share with you.

We begin with a little knowledge about the difference between setting outer goals and setting inner ones — that you need an anatomy of your inner landscape, your soul, in order to work in accordance with its true nature. With the tools we walk you through, you will understand how to access and finally activate your creative will in the right way; thus helping you to discover, design and practice your goals from the inside out.

Intimate, deep, contemplative. Take a warm bath in YearCrafter and bask in the guided meditative exploration of the landscape of your mind, heart, and creative will.

Get YearCrafter while the year is young, and get started with wiser goal setting. We stand by our products; you get what you expect or your money back. Guaranteed.

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