How to really change the world without burning out or falling short

For social innovation leaders and entrepreneurs (and anyone who is dedicated to creating positive impact)

Join our next 10 day intensive Workshop if you:

Are driven by a higher calling and understand the complexities of the challenges you're facing, but have experienced burn out, overwhelm, and disappointment at your results.

Experience the tensions between mainstream and your vision for change. The pushback is too strong.

Desire to have more impact but you're stuck. You want to scale but can’t make it happen.

Change is really, really hard! You don't understand why, you feel frustrated and helpless or confused.

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What you'll learn:

We reveal what most social change efforts get wrong, and the big blind spot that these efforts cannot touch.

Learn about the actual "creative medium" of change, and it's fractal nature. This will transform how you see yourself as a change leader and expand your understanding of your potential.

Learn the taxonomy of the creative medium of social change, how to get to know it in yourself first, and feel inspired to get to work in a new and more empowered way.

"From day one, Jeff and Louisa's mentorship have had a transformative effect on my life. They are generous teachers with an unparalleled understanding of the inner life, human creativity, and the nuts and bolts of true productivity and entrepreneurship. I would literally be a different person if it weren't for their influence". Nathan Heintz

"[My husband and I] recognized many of the elements we wanted to hone already inherent in Jeff and Louisa - the collective social architects presencing from the future we all want. It's been an invaluable partnership with robust theory and lot of loving clear guidance through deep personal attunement, applicable to my whole being - the person, the mama and householder and the co-generator of effective change in the world". — Ece Anderson

What you'll be doing during the 1o day Workshop:


The Process:

Every few days you'll receive a new lesson with video and exercise sheets. Share your work with the community for feedback and dialogue.



Join the conversation, get accountability, and share your results. Once in, you're in forever. Keep coming back for more inspiration.


Q and A live session

Ask your questions and get expert coaching and mentoring. Meet peers, hear their stories, learn from the masterclass-style session.

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Each lesson covers the essentials you need to know about leading truly new paradigm change work:

Lesson 1: The problems with social change today and why new paradigm leadership is needed.

Lesson 2: The practice room: how to build the capacities you need.

Lesson 3: Understanding change itself: what creativity has to teach us about creating new social realities.

Lesson 4: The new way of change: what it looks like out in the real world (relationships, collaboration, and how you engage with your work).

All this for the price of a nice dinner, for one person!

10 days of immersion into new ideas, concepts, experiences — a new world of options you didn't know existed for you.

About Magenta Studios

We've been supporting leaders like you since 1996

We worked around the world for many years on all kinds of projects in all kinds of issue areas, from peace to democracy, from climate to energy. This map shows some of our project locations and themes.


If you're wondering, it's a "dymaxion" map, designed to accurately represent the relative sizes of the continents.

"We had the privilege of working with Magenta Studios while helping to build peace in Zimbabwe. Magenta helped us find new ways to solve complex problems and do together what we couldn’t do as separate individuals or organizations.” — Mvuselelo Huni, CEO, Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP), Zimbabwe

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With over twenty years of international peacebuilding and executive experience supporting Government, Non-Profit, and Fortune 500 leaders, teams, and their projects, we bring to you our distilled and essential building blocks for what actually works.

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