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Life is too short to dwell in doubt and fear

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Chances are, you’ve pursued personal development and spiritual growth, but you struggle to actually apply the concepts in your life and make real change.

You need a community of support where you can learn HOW to heal and grow, and bring to life the dreams and purpose in you.

You’ve tried all the things, but conventional paths aren’t cutting it anymore.

Transform from the inside out

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The Monastery Membership provides you a support system to overcome and ultimately redeem all that is keeping you stuck and cycling, hesitant, and afraid. Doubting.

You can finally deepen into your purpose, enrich your relationships, and find your people.

Within a safe and supportive community that isn’t afraid to go deep with you and can mirror back to you the growth and transformation you’re experiencing.

What you'll get

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The heart of our membership is that we meet together, online, every month. In pairs, in small groups, and altogether as community. This is how we get into regular practice, so you can make progress.

You can do a light touch, or you can dive in deep depending on how your month goes. However you can show up, your new community is waiting to get to know you and walk with you in communion.

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Monthly Topics

We begin each month with a new topic of discovery focused on helping you build greater capacities and deepen into yourself.

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Small group Practice

Groups of 3-5 people will connect every month for dialogue and practice. Conversation starters and prompts related to that month's topic.

Dyad work

Dyad Dialogues

Prompts and practices for you and one other member to meet higher self to higher self, share personal experiences, and support one another’s journey.


Individual Practices

Practical tools for healing, Journaling exercises, contemplative meditations, study, and prayers for nourishment and inner development.

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Community Q & A

Every month we gather as a community to ask questions and dialogue together about what matters most deeply to us.

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Events & Retreats

Once a year we meet up as a community. In-person dialogue, learning, practice, and sharing.

how it works

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Enroll! Walk your path

The world is getting more overloaded with self-help books and new gurus every day. And it's clear that conventional wisdom is insufficient to meet the needs of personal transformation. There are many spiritual practices being taught that are dubious, even downright dangerous.

In the Monastery Membership, all the tools, methods, and practices are deeply steeped in Western esoteric spiritual streams that are thousands of years old, safe, and bring many missing pieces to our modern understanding of human psyche and healthy development.

learn more about our unique approach

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Listen to Our Podcast

Want to know more about what you'd learn inside the Monastery Membership? On our Magenta FM podcast we dive deep into our unique methods and worldview. We draw from little known western esoteric spiritual streams that have helped us on our own journeys, and we've tested these approaches also on our clients and students over the past 15 years.

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Hosted by Louisa Barnum & Rachel Hazlett-Karr

We talk about the tools and practices that help us get to know and heal from the closed loops that mental health struggles create in our lives. We’ll bring practical concepts that might sometimes seem outrageously different from the prevailing understanding of mental health, share insights about a different way to work with common issues, and talk about the need for an anatomy of the inner life that can help guide us toward genuine and effective paths of healing — and put the power and agency to heal back in our own hands.

"Wow! When we listen to episodes of Magenta FM, we are always floored by how they explain and present information that we thought we understood completely... they offer a thoughtful guide to understanding and changing habits that have been ingrained in us since childhood. Whether you have already been on your journey of self-improvement or you are new to looking inward, Magenta FM is an awesome resource."

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