The path to transformation is one of work and prayer

Chances are, you’ve pursued personal development and spiritual growth, but you struggle to apply the concepts in your life and make real change.

You need a method, a path, where you can learn HOW to heal and grow, and deepen into the spiritual mysteries of the world and your true purpose.

You’ve tried all the things, but you’ve hit a wall. You need to cross a new threshold — and you’re ready to up-level.

Enter: The Monastery

The Monastery gets you started with how to do soul work.

Just as a musician must study basic training, so will you walk through the correct steps of development, each building upon the other.

Inspired by a thousand years of Monastic traditions and Western esoteric wisdom, The Monastery serves the Light in you. Your Light is all important, because it’s the only thing that can heal you. And it's the only thing that will heal the world.

What others are saying:

"I have long been involved in the human/spiritual development movement. Here in the Monastery, I am being introduced to what feels like fresh language and a clear way of seeing where I am and where I’m going. I am given super concrete tools to help me unearth stuck places and integrate what has been missed along the way. I have taken what feels like a needed step “back.” I suspected for some time that I’d been doing a lot of "spiritual development" on top of unhealed nitty gritty human dysfunction. Louisa and Rachel’s beautiful, unfolding process makes it so clear that inner development and spiritual development are the same thing, and I am now doing the deep and focused work of a spiritual warrior and receiving insight upon insight.

The Monastery is a place of heart, clarity, and integrity, and I could not recommend it more if you are someone who wants a community in which to do the work of transmuting shadow and strengthening light. You will be in the safe hands and with the wise hearts of women who have done, and continue to do, the work of being free."

~ Jacqueline H. Monastery member

"My experience of the Magenta Monastery: connectivity, community, sharing of our personal inner-work journey; the exercises and methodology for me are grounded, pragmatic and soul supportive. The elemental soul work is exactly what I need. I feel I can create a joyous accountability for myself, and am honored to hold space for others on their journeys. This path of inner work makes clear and total sense to me."
- Monastery member

What you'll get:

The heart of our membership is that we meet together, online, every month. In pairs, in small groups, and altogether as community. This is how we get into regular practice, so you can make progress.

You can do a light touch, or you can dive in deep depending on how your month goes. However you can show up, your new community is waiting to get to know you and walk with you in communion.

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Monthly Topics

We begin each month with a new topic of discovery focused on helping you build greater capacities and deepen into yourself.

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Small group Practice

Groups of 3-5 people will connect every month for dialogue and practice. Conversation starters and prompts related to that month's topic.

Dyad work

Paired Dialogues

Prompts and practices for you and one other member to meet higher self to higher self, share personal experiences, and support one another’s journey.


Individual Practices

Practical tools for healing, journaling exercises, contemplative meditations, study, and prayers for nourishment and inner development.

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Community Q & A

Every month we gather as a community to ask questions and dialogue together about what matters most deeply to us.

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Events & Retreats

Every now and again we meet up as a community. In-person dialogue, learning, practice, and sharing.

The key to it all: practice

Most people believe the key to your emancipation from old wounds and beliefs that are still holding you back is knowledge and learning. And while this is important, it is not the thing that will free you

The only thing that can help you grow and transform is training. 

The rhythm of regular practices will strengthen your soul, just as exercise keeps your physical body strong.

The Monastery walks you through the practices of work and prayer that guide you toward your highest potential.

Are you ready to up-level?

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