How to Use Art as a Catalyst for Change in Your Life

When you are being faced with challenges — especially personal — art can help you in the most unexpected ways, if you know how to access that help.

We want to show you how.

This week only, get:

  • Our gorgeous free eBooklet: How to use art as a catalyst for change
  • Hot off the editing floor, our free short film: art and your personal journey
  • The opportunity to hang Jeff's art in your soul space

In this series you will learn:

  • How art can become a useful tool for catalyzing change whenever you are stuck or challenged;
  • How to tap into a more creative mindset so you can find the unexpected but right solutions to stuck problems;
  • How to create more flex in your mind, deepen and sensitize your feeling life, and soften and empower your will and actions.
  • how art can help you overcome personal dilemmas by showing you the overcoming of those dilemmas.


Jeff and Louisa are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise - Miha Pogaçnik, Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia