It’s not too late to reboot your resolutions for this year

Now that January has come and gone, I wonder how your new year’s resolutions are panning out? Statistically, if you set them, you’re part of the majority that has already given up, having found they’re impossible to maintain.

But you probably still feel the need to make meaningful change in your life.

One very hot July week last year, I sat down to create some resolutions of my own. Sitting on the floor (it’s the coolest place in the house when it’s 100 degrees outside), I put together a step by step process for myself.

I knew I needed to see my future clearly, to identify the roots of my limitations, and to build a way forward that I could sustain. My work took the form of three contemplative meditations — practices I’d used fruitfully for many years, now connected and revised for a new purpose.

I can tell you it is possible to gently peel away layers and layers, led by a little knowledge of the anatomy of your inner life, your soul, and what it needs in order to reveal its truths to you. It requires, in my experience, a careful step by step process and moments of quiet and contemplation. Oh yes, and determination — we all repeat the same mistakes, the same patterns of failure and challenges; mastering and transforming them takes a little elbow grease!

And when I was done I also found that I had forged a path to share with others.

Changing our lives is in fact all about setting resolutions, but ones that have been createdfrom the inside out. Such goals will stick because they were forged in a more profound way, one that considers the needs of your soul and what must be in place as a foundation so that you can see your resolutions through.

The right set up, the right foundation — these are key. Once you understand how this is so you’ll see why it works. 

If you want to create wise, resilient goals and see them through, I’d like you to meet:

What’s contained in the kit:

Theory and Practice (printable):

  • Introduction to contemplative meditation
  • Simple anatomy of the process
  • How to work with the meditations

Three guided meditations (printable):

  • Each meditation has step by step instructions
  • Deep dive, or quick dip – either can work

Audio MP3s of everything (downloadable):

  • Slow, careful spoken word
  • Beautiful accompanying music

Journal (printable):

  • Designed to accompany the meditations
  • Organizes your thoughts and responses
  • Encourages you to capture your insights

YearCrafter is designed to help you create goals that actually stick.

Once you experience how it works, you can use it again and again — anytime you need to make meaningful change in your life.



PS. The year is still young, but not for much longer. If you’re interested to learn my unusual goal setting method, now is the time.

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