Inner and Outer


We are so used to thinking of “inner” as “subjective” that we forget that everything humans make begins as an inner picture. The inner life of the human being is the inner aspect of the world — not only when we appreciate nature, but even when we determine what is real and what is not. We are constantly drawing from our inner capacities to cognize, perceive, understand, and communicate.


“Metacreativity” refers to the comprehension and development of these abilities as a first-person discipline. To get to know objectively what comprises the “self” — a phenomenology of attention and all other inner activities. Doing this gradually builds creative capability, because we are progressively able to organize and separate our inner signal from our inner noise.


Our civilization is noisy and chaotic because we are noisy and chaotic within. Metacreativity is about stilling the inner resources — and being more intentional and capable about sculpting the realities around us. At scale, this is “social sculpture.” But it begins in the “inner.”

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