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TeamWiser is the last word in teamwork and leadership so you can do your most passionate work

Whether you're a seasoned leader or launching a startup, TeamWiser will help you lay a solid foundation for team building that will transform, deepen, and enrich your team culture and leadership style.

Bringing Deep Experience

With over twenty years of international peacebuilding and executive experience supporting leaders, teams, and their projects, we bring to you our distilled and essential building blocks for successful team building and leadership.

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What Others Are Saying

Magenta is a trusted partner. They are helping us learn how to identify the visible and invisible causes, sources, and structures of violent conflicts, and how to confront and transform ideologies, traumas, and legacies of colonialism and racism that propagate and sustain intractable conflicts. We look forward to working more with Magenta to support peacebuilding around the world.

— Bryan Sims, Investment Manager, Humanity United

I worked with Magenta over a number of months both as part of a senior leadership group exploring our personal leadership and also with one on one coaching. My experience was transformative. I have used the tools that I was given with my team subsequently and have received similarly amazing feedback from them.

— Julian Clarke, Executive Director, Human Resources:  – Global Enterprise & Services and International & New Business, Telstra

We hired Magenta to help us more fully engage our workforce, leaders, and other stakeholders in our ongoing service to the greater Vancouver region.  They helped us devise efficient, powerful ways of innovating, learning, and creating across our organization.  We’re deploying them in all our work, big and small — with wonderful results!

— Tanya Sather, Co-Executive Director, Barnaby Association for Community Inclusion, Vancouver, CA

We partnered with Magenta to co-lead our development program for senior executives in one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. The Magenta team played a highly significant role in curriculum development and overall leadership of the program.  Both our client and we as Reos were enormously pleased with the quality of Magenta’s contribution to the project.  Magenta understands both the big picture as well as the nuts and bolts for successful inner leadership development.  Highly recommended.

— Robbie Macpherson, Reos Partners, Australia

When I faced a conflict with a close colleague in a complex project that depended greatly on the two of us and the health of our relationship, we reached out to Magenta to help us. They facilitated a process through which we could understand and empathize with each other, and we managed to unblock our relationship and conclude the project successfully.

— Mille Bojer, Director, Reos Partners Europe

I have known Jeff and Louisa for more than twenty years.  They are next generation luminaries who carry forward everything I have spent my life advancing: practical and spiritual insights into the nature of being human that provide meaningful ways forward on the most pressing and challenging issues of our times — paths that nourish the best in humanity across all boundaries, political, cultural and otherwise.

— Miha Pogacnik, Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia

A Revolutionary Approach

We've learned that the kind of teamwork and leadership most needed today flies in the face of conventional approaches and top-down management styles. In fact, the secret to the best leaders and most productive teams is not the latest in tactics or fun games, but the ability to unlock the whole human — and unleash their latent creative powers.

Learn How To:


Have flexibility and pivoting power without losing momentum

Bring forward the diverse voices of your team

Run meetings that inspire and connect — and get the work done

Maximize efficiency without sacrificing creativity


Apply creative processes and know-how to your teamwork

Generate exceptional outcomes from all your creative projects

Access creative ability without any previous experience

Use creativity to unlock your team's empowerment and agency


Deal with conflict and tensions effectively and even turn them into opportunities for deeper connection

Strengthen the people side of teamwork for greater connection and resilience

Grow the fellowship and community of your team

Take team culture to a whole new level of richness and depth

Immersive And Learn-By-Doing

Part Bootcamp and part Practice Studio, we take you step by step through seven foundational disciplines that strengthen both the individual and the whole team.

Each Module contains exercises designed to give valuable experiences and insight that can re-boot a struggling team or help a new team build strong foundations. The exercises are deep, field-tested, and meant to be used again and again to grow your team’s skills and capacities. 

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Immersive And Learn-By-Doing

Part Bootcamp and part practice studio, we take you step by step through seven foundational disciplines that strengthen both the individual and the whole team.

Each Module contains exercises designed to give valuable experiences and insight that can re-boot a struggling team or help a new team build strong foundations. The exercises are deep, field-tested, and meant to be used again and again to grow your team’s skills and capacities. 

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Who Should Take TeamWiser?

TeamWiser is for leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, middle managers, contractors, freelancers, consultants, activists, change agents, teachers, and pretty much anyone else who works with teams on a regular basis.

Even if you have significant experience leading teams, you will find new perspectives and tools in this course. If your goals are to build and nurture your team's productivity, creativity, and efficiency — without compromising one or the other — then TeamWiser is for you and your team. The concepts and exercises in this course will help you evolve your leadership style, capabilities, and toolkit.

If you're just starting out and wondering what is most important or even where you should begin, then TeamWiser will help set you on the right track. We take the confusion and mystery out of teamwork — and by extension leadership — by laying out for you, with teaching and on-the-ground exercises, the foundations upon which good teamwork and leadership are based.

Learn at your own pace

You will have lifetime access to the Course and Bonuses. You can run the Modules on a weekly schedule as an immersive experience to reboot a struggling team or to set a rock-solid foundation. Or, you can run them at the pace best suiting the time constraints of your team. 

You can revisit and review the training materials at any time. TeamWiser is designed to be used again and again as needed, for the life of your team.

Here goes the signature system outline, talking about our three or four pillars...

Take A Peak Inside

The entire program is based online so you can participate anywhere and at any time with your team.

All course materials, including the Module introduction PDFs, exercises, slide decks, templates, Bonuses, and additional resources are within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with us.


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The introduction module provides the course roadmap: the key ideas behind "wiser" teamwork, how to use TeamWiser in your company or team, how the course works, an overview of each module, and how to get started. Designed to orient you, it provides the theory behind TeamWiser. Also, it contains how to use TeamWiser, and setting up your team for success with the exercises.


TW M1 visioning

This module kicks off the course with helping you create a vision that inspires, aligns, and above all provides direction for your efforts. Whether you’re visioning on your own, sharing your vision with others, or building a shared vision with your team, this module will help you create a powerful and guiding Vision for your team’s work.

You'll learn: how to use the creative process to build a shared Vision with your team, how to design and run a simple creative process, tips and know-how for creating a strong, relevant, useful Vision, and how to use your Vision to guide your team forward.


TW M2 Facilitation

Meetings can be frustrating and dispiriting; that’s for sure. But properly done, meetings can be where your team connects, does great work, and generally feels how great it is to be a part of your team. 

This module will help you and your team learn and practice the art of convening, organizing, designing, and running meetings that rock. You'll learn: how to balance organization and structure with momentum and flow, key roles that every meeting needs, the Awesome Meeting Protocol — step by step instructions for running awesome meetings, and how to work through any issue or topic area with maximum productivity, inclusion, buy-in, and creativity — and minimal conflict and stress.


TW M3 - Communication

Communication is the “vital nutrient” that keeps a team or company healthy. Without it, something essential and life-giving is lacking. Module Five introduces and covers the basics of Nonviolent Communication: your essential toolkit for fantastic teamwork.

Most failures of leadership and teams boil down to interpersonal dynamics (personal issues between people). Disciplined, healthy communication can work wonders to heal and transform those dynamics — and in this module, we’ll show you how. You'll learn the fundamental principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a “taxonomy” of the inner life that can help you navigate your own and others’ core needs and desires with dignity and understanding, and how to practice and use NVC in your life and work.


TW M4 - Leadership

Every seasoned leader knows that presence is everything. If you want to lead authentically and generously “from the inside out” and from your heart, you’ve got do your inner work. This module will help you and your team master the basics of inner work and self-transformation for teamwork and take some crucial steps on your own journey of inner development.

You'll learn why inner work is important for doing work that really changes things, why the inner life is real, not merely subjective — and why it matters, how to take the first steps on your path of inner development, how to think in practical, experiential ways about the reality of the inner life, and how to transform the hidden habits that hold you back.


TW M5 - Community

It’s common for leaders to focus on strategy, performance, and metrics — but what about culture? Culture shapes how people see themselves in the company and how they relate to each other. This module will help you and your team be more than a company: you will become a community. A community is a place where people feel a sense of belonging, empowerment, and agency. And for your team to thrive, a sense of community is essential.

You’ll learn how to think of social health in groups of people at any scale, from teams and companies to entire societies, why there’s no “blueprint” or “plan” for healthy community, and why it has to be created from within from person to person, and finally some powerful steps you can take with your team to build community.


TW M6 - Processes

Efficiency helps keep costs low and productivity high, while creativity drives innovation and supports a vibrant work culture. The question is, how do you have both? Efficiency eliminates the searching that creativity requires, and creative work resists the narrow focus that efficiency demands. Here’s how to have both at full strength.

You'll learn how to get the best of both efficiency and creativity — the right measure of both, how to see your business processes as unfinished and evolving so you can gradually implement better and better solutions, and how to use iterative process design to improve efficiencies in a way that builds team cohesion, inclusion, and vitality.


TW M7 - Creative Work-01

 Learn how to design and lead all your creative work in ways that make what can be a mysterious or even chaotic process more predictable, efficient, inclusive, and enjoyable. You’ll learn why everyone has creative potential, how to design and run a creative project based on the archetypal “structure” of creative work, how to set up a creative project for maximum success and minimum stress, and the key disciplines for each stage of the creative process, regardless of the creative medium you’re using.

Free Bonuses Included

In addition to the seven core learning Modules, you also get three bonus Modules to support your teamwork.

The questionnaire is especially so you can create a snapshot of your team's expectations and experiences before and after running each Module. Also, the Rhythms bonus Module is designed to help you and your team understand how to integrate all that you've learned into your teamwork moving forward for as long as the team exists.

And finally, we include an MP3 about the four key things you must know when trying to bring a positive change project to life.


Track your progress and learning with this questionnaire. You can use it before and after each module to reflect on what you're learning and how your team capacities are growing.

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Proficiency requires practice, and practice works best in rhythm — regular repetitions of the same skills. The seven practices described in the previous modules will become capabilities and strengths only if you practice them regularly, and by this, we mean rhythmically.

You’ll learn why rhythm is the real life hack. In this Bonus Module we’ll help you understand the nature of training and practice to get you started in the right way, the specific action steps you can take for each Module, starting today, and continuing for the life of your team. We put it all together into a made-for-you activities schedule template.

TW - Bonus - Wiser Rhythms


If you've ever been a part of a project trying to bring something to life and make a positive change in the world, you'll know it's one thing to have an idea or solution in your mind's eye, and quite another to have it come to life in the real world. We walk you through four key insights we've learned about how real, transformative change happens on the ground. If you are a leader or a team trying to bring good things to life, this MP3 and transcript is for you.

TW - Bonus - Creating Real Solutions

Join Our Mentorship Circle Program

Our Mentorship Circle is a six month program designed to get you going on your leadership and team development with our personal support and expert guidance. This program may be right for you if:

  • you have an acute situation needing immediate and in-depth help;
  • You've experienced pain in the past with your team-building efforts, are currently building a team, and want to make sure you do it right this time;
  • It's high stakes for you; you must have a high functioning team;
  • Your team is everything to you and you want high touch, efficient, expert guidance to hold your hand through the training;
  • You just want to go straight to the experts to help you grow the capabilities of your team.




After enrollment, we spend an initial 2-3 hour consultation with you to discover your leadership and team challenges. We then create a synthesis document in collaboration with you. After which we create a road map for you and your team to follow, laying out your capability building path over the next 6 months.


Website May 2019 Collaboration membership

Spend 3 days in retreat with us in beautiful and bucolic Sonoma County where we immerse you in leadership presence training: inner development, meditation, and diving deep into the epistemological and spiritual underpinnings of the TeamWiser method. Spend time in nature, make art in multiple media, play with horses, swim in the ocean, hike through forests, and immerse yourself in Magenta's rich and creative world.



Work regularly with us via monthly calls with you and your team to track your progress and give focused support and coaching. We'll take the time needed with you each time.


TW Slide deck mockup

You'll receive a spiral bound copy of TeamWiser, printed here in Sonoma County especially for you.

You'll also get a workbook with additional exercises: meditations, nature exercises, templates, improv exercises, missions, art practice exercises, and how to get started with easy art journaling (introduced by Iren Barnum, the joyful art journal master).


Website May 2019 soul training membership

Just in time laser coaching, and 24/7 emailing. You have access to us whenever you have questions, or need some guidance. We're here to help you make it happen in your team and we know sometimes you need a quick moment of help. We've got you.

Is the Mentorship Circle level right for you? Email us at [email protected] and we'll set up a call to find out.




We guarantee that TeamWiser will deliver exceptional value. If you try TeamWiser and you're not happy, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase date. We strive to make every customer happy! Read the detailed terms here.

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This is your time. Make the changes you really want for your leadership and your teamwork.

We sincerely hope to have the honor and privilege of working with you.



The team at Magenta Studios has worked with thousands of leaders on many different types of projects in over twenty countries.

Over the years, we have developed an approach that amounts to a holistic art and science of change. Our methods blend rigorous creative and personal transformation disciplines with best-in-class strategic and relationship building tools — a unique combination that enables us to support change at all scales, from teamwork to organizational change to large-scale social change projects.

We founded Magenta Studios to bring our approach to a new generation of change-makers and social entrepreneurs. For years, we have served clients with bespoke training and consulting services; now, we're excited to offer courses online, sharing our knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. Visit us at magenta.fm to learn more.